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Friday, June 21, 2019

Ready at the Gate: AmpliVox Sentry Mobile Workstation Greets Air Travelers at TSA Checkpoints

AmpliVox stands alone when it comes to security check point stands. Proudly Made in the USA, the AmpliVox W480 Sentry Mobile Workstation supports the staff and technology used by the TSA to keep us all safe when we fly.

Deployed over the last three years under our exclusive TSA contract # HSTS04-15-A-CI4020 for checkpoint sentry locations, you may have walked past one or more of these in your recent air travels: we are everywhere growing our presence.

One reason you may not of noticed our unassuming stand is it’s clean lines, and solid construction: it doesn’t stand out like other "less well constructed" designs that you’ll see falling apart at airports that have yet to update their operations...ug-ly.

So what?

Guess what?

You may purchase one of these for your own parking, ticketing, crowd control or security application. Why shouldn’t you have the best check stand value available?

As a final touch, put your logo on the Sentry Workstation. The AmpliVox Sentry Mobile Workstation ships fully assembled and comes with a 5 year Warranty.

Selected by the US Transportation Security Administration for TSA checkpoints

Contract # HSTS04-15-A-CI4020

The AmpliVox Sentry Mobile Workstation has lots of storage and workspace, it lets you setup wherever you need to: classrooms, conference or training rooms, building entrances, warehouse and production areas and more. It’s also perfect as a security station.

Its tough powdered coated surface resists chipping, scratching, and fading. Its heavy duty steel construction stands up to rugged use. A height adjustable work surface adjusts to different individuals and tasks.

Conveniently wire handling grommet holes accommodate electrical and electronic devices. It rolls easily on four casters, each of which can be firmly locked into place.