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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 Tips for Making Yourself Look Like a Professional Presenter

Professional Presentations need a professional image for the presenter.

Without the proper clothing, equipment, and overall look, listeners will be distracted or worse yet--not be able to hear your message at all!

(Click here for YouTube Videos on Professional Presentations)

Here are several tips to sharpen your presenting style:

1. Wear something comfortable.  Everyone has one or two pieces of clothing that fits perfectly, looks great, and is appropriate for your setting.  Wear it!
2.  Not too Flashy Though. Leave your parachute pants and leather wear at home.  Make sure your clothing is neutral and not distracting.  The longer the presentation, the more your audience will get distracted.
3. Minimize Distractions.  With smart phones, windows, and daydreaming, people do not need any additional distractions like a speaker fumbling through their unorganized notes, lots of like verbal fillers and uh other distracting language, and messing with your sound system or microphone.
4. Have the Right Equipment. Public speaking equipment like lecterns, PA systems, and microphones are all necessary to communicate professionally and audibly.  Having the right lectern with a built-in sound system will help the audience focus on the presenters words and not strain to hear their message.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice. The presenter needs to be free from reading notes and also practice enough to avoid surprises during the presentation. Try and avoid Murphy's Law (that if something can go wrong it will) by preparation.
6. Double Check. Before your presentation starts, make sure that everything is plugged in properly, that volume levels are at the proper level, and that your notes are in order and pages numbered (which helps if you drop your notes!).  Go up to the podium or stage and scan the environment to make sure everything is ready to go.
7. Time to Present!  Good luck!


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