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Friday, April 22, 2011

Multi-Purpose Lecterns: Restaurant Hostess Stand, Presentation Podium, and Pulpit

Do you need a podium or hostess stand? Do you have a limited budget?

Amplivox Sound Systems has several lecterns and podiums that will fit your need and be as flexible as you need.

Whether you need a presentation stand, hostess stand for a restaurant, or a church pulpit, Amplivox has lecterns and podiums that satisfy all of those roles.

Some optional features Amplivox offers include a built-in wireless PA system, movable casters, and different materials such as hardwood, acrylic lecterns, wire truss lecterns, and a virtually indestructible plastic.

There are tabletop options including the handy EZ Speak Foldable Table Top Lectern and the Roving Rostrum PA Podium System.

The photo on the right is an AmpliVox Pinnacle Podium (special Pink edition to support breast cancer research groups) and the next is of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Using an Amplivox Acrylic Lectern.

Other possible uses for our quality and professional grade podiums include: sports awards ceremonies, podium for a cafe, Bible stand for religious services, presentation podium, restaurant hostess stand, and stand for a banquet hall.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative, please visit Ampli.com or call (800)267-5486.

Suggested Products to be used as Hostess Stands:

  1. AmpliVox Pinnacle Podium: This podium with an optional full integrated sound system is great for banquet halls or restaurants seeking that professional and elegant look.
  2. Full Height Wood Lectern: This simple yet effective solid wood lectern is made in an environmentally friendly way and is a great solution to those looking for an easy to move stand for their place of business.
  3. Executive Adjustable Sound Column Lectern: This lectern is a flexible piece of furniture that will adjust in height to fit hostesses and speakers of all sizes.
  4. Expediter Adjustable Lectern Stand: This small note stand is perfect for the business that needs versatility and a small lectern.  This is great for a variety of professional presentation needs.

For more information on our acrylic, solid hardwood, Plexiglass, and plastic podiums, lecterns, and pulpits, please visit Ampli.com.

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