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Friday, April 01, 2011

Does your Business Need A Utility Player? Versatile PA Systems/Lecterns are our Specialty

For several years my favorite baseball player was Mark DeRosa who then played for the Chicago Cubs.

The reason I liked him was the flexibility he gave to the Cubs manager. Over the course of his career, DeRosa has played 3B, 2B, RF, LF, SS, and 1B.

Having a player who can allow his manager to rest his regular players to rest with a more than adequate fill-in is like always having a wild-card in your hand.

Having that kind of flexibility will help you be able to focus more on the more important things than figuring out who will fill in during a pinch.

Mutli-use systems and technology is the wave of the future, just think about the iPhone with a phone, internet, music, camera, video...all-in-one. No need to spend extra money and use extra space on separate phone, camera, mp3 player when you can have an all-in-one.

Why are we talking sports and technology on a blog about portable sound systems? Because there are many Amplivox products that can be the perfect utility-player for your school, business, or organization.

The Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System is one of those products that will amaze you with its multiple uses and give your budget a rest!

(Click on the link to see a video on the Digital Audio Travel Partner)

  • plays CDs, MP3s (including an iPod/iPhone and other players)
  • can be used with any kind of wireless and wired microphones
  • is totally portable with rolling wheels and battery-operated (AC power cable to charge included)
  • comes with a 6 year warranty
  • includes a remote control
  • is the ideal system for indoor or outdoor use
  • can come in a bundle
  • has several expansion slots to add whatever your organization needs.
(Video of one example of how to use expansion slots: Tricked Out PA System!)

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