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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

How Long Do Your Batteries Last?

Did you know your Amplivox Sound System product might not work if you don't have your 10 D Cell batteries charged? Here at Amplivox we get a lot of inquiries due to some easy to fix consumer mistakes.

1. Customers sometimes only put in 5 batteries. There are 10 batteries, 2 rows of 5 so make sure you check both sides of the battery pack.

2. If one battery is low the product might not work. If u are running on battery power it will take all 10 batteries to operate. Each battery should produce 1.5 volts or 15 volts total.

3. You have to buy rechargeable batteries in order to charge the product. Most of our products have a rechargeable battery feature. Some of our products come with rechargeable batteries installed already but if the product requires D Cell batteries it is up to the consumer to purchase them.

How long do your batteries last?
With Amplivox's Long Life Nicad Battery Pack you will no longer have to worry about it. With these rechargeable batteries you can have up to 10 hours of talk time with one charge!

Other Power Options
- DC Adapter for Cigarette Lighter
- High Output International AC Adapter/Recharger

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