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Monday, August 01, 2011

Reviews and Testimonials from All Over the World

Do you want to buy a portable pa system or buy a lectern but live outside of the United States?  AmpliVox sells their products to an international audience and has many international shipping/selling options for our PA systems, podiums, and lecterns across the world.

Here are some PA system reviews and testimonials from happy customers all over the world:

Works Well in heat and Humidity!
"As missionaries in Peru, we have used the Half-Mile Hailer for 20 years in the coastal regions as well as in the mountains where it gets very hot and humid. It's always worked extremely well for us, especially considering the wide variations in temperatures that we encounter. The Hailer is powerful and gets the sound to each the people both outdoors and indoors enclosures where there is no roof and no windows. We carry it on our shoulder and, considering the terrain, we find it comfortable and lightweight yet powerful."
-Bishop Daniel Turley, OSA - Augustinian Fathers

Another option to our international shipping is to purchase directly from one of our international dealers.
Click on the link to see where to buy PA Systems, lecterns, and podiums from our international resellers.

Whether you be in Russia, China, India, the Philippines, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Slovenia, South Korea, Iran, Indonesia, Brazil, or Pakistan, AmpliVox has you covered!

Click here to contact us about international options.

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