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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fisher Foundation 3rd Annual Hike 4 Better Hearing

The Fisher Foundation held its 3rd Annual Hike 4 Better Hearing walk on September 17 2016, where AmpliVox had donated a S602R Megaphone to help the announcers address the crowd. The 5K walk helps to further the public’s awareness of the importance and benefits of hearing better.

The Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care rekindles relationships where loved voices have been missing, giving hearing aids to over 30 families who can now truly share and laugh and enjoy the special moments of their lives.

The foundation is committed and dedicated to educating the community about the direct relationship between hearing and the brain.

Most haven’t had their hearing checked since grade school and do not realize that there is a critical window of time for early detection, intervention and treatment to avoid permanent and irreversible deterioration.

As hearing decreases, the brain suffers and pays the ultimate price of not remembering what you cannot hear.

Precision treatment by skilled doctors using sophisticated hearing aid technology to enhance brain stimulation can:
  • Save off early dementia and memory loss
  • Reverse declining cognitive function
  • Prevent falls, heart disease and depression

For some the foundation gift can be lifesaving, hearing loss is the number one disability of our soldiers in combat. They return home with debilitating ringing in their ears and can’t understand the voices of the people they left behind.

The Fischer Foundation was the recipient of the home town hero award by the governor of Illinois for giving high tech, custom made hearing protection to hundreds of local soldiers being deployed.

The most touching and rewarding efforts of the Fischer Foundation for Hearing Health Care involves bringing joy to children and their families.

AmpliVox commends the accomplishments of the Fischer Foundation for Hearing Health Care, and pledge to it our further support in the years to come.

The work of the Fisher Foundation is in need of donations all year long to reach their goal of helping bring families together through hearing. Donate today.