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Thursday, December 01, 2022

Sports Bonanza: Touchdown, Home Run and Slam Dunk

With coverage for small, medium, and large venues, AmpliVox Sound Systems provide the highest quality stadium portable PA systems for sporting events and athletic fields, including portable speakers for:

Our portable stadium sound systems for outdoor events are created for superior play-by-play announcements, coaching, sporting field activities, directions, and more. 

Bands, participants, and spectators will all be able to hear directions, monitor the score, and enjoy music.

Industry leading physical education, athletics, and fitness distributors/resellers all agree, AmpliVox Sound Systems is passionate about helping professionals achieve better results when teaching, coaching, or training.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Thankful For My Family - AmpliVox CEO Don Roth

The love in our family grows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep. Celebrating Thanksgiving 2022 with my children and grandchildren.

Spending quality time with my daughter Carolyn and grandaughters in Bronxville, New York. Sharing special moments with my son Eric and grandsons in Athens, New York.

May your Thanksgiving be bountiful with reasons to be grateful.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

We Are Thankful for You! From All of Us at AmpliVox

We appreciate your business this time of year and all year long. We've truly enjoyed serving you!

We hope the Thanksgiving season brings you and yours good health, prosperity, happiness, and love.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at AmpliVox Sound Systems.

Our offices will be closed for Thanksgiving on
Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th 2022.

Monday, November 14, 2022

AmpliVox Free Pink Podium for Breast Cancer Organizations

AmpliVox Sound Systems is renewing its offer of a FREE Pink Podium to cancer organizations for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The offer is effective until November 30th, 2022.

AmpliVox’s Pink Podium Promise has been in place since 2010 with hundreds of cancer society chapters, foundations, hospitals and local governments.

Don Roth, CEO of AmpliVox, conceived of the Pink Podium program as a way to tangibly help advocacy organizations get their messages across.

"AmpliVox products are designed to make people look good and sound good," said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth.

"These organizations do a great job of raising awareness, and we want to be on the front lines supporting them.".
The pink podiums are made of durable plastic that can withstand any weather, in keeping with the unpredictable conditions of outdoor events and races. They can be easily moved, thanks to their heavy-duty casters and built-in handles and weighs only 50 pounds.

AmpliVox delivers each lectern at no cost before an organization’s event, and the group can then keep its pink podium for future use. The pink podium is a variation of AmpliVox’s standard SN3250 Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern.

AmpliVox delivers each pink podium before an organization’s event, and the group can then keep it for future use. The lectern is FREE to qualified organizations; shipping is also free within continental U.S.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Music, Maestro, Please! Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center

The role of a conductor is to organize the music and keep everything calm, setting the scene that allows the actors and orchestra to step fully into the music.

With a clear beat pattern that is modified for the musical context, a well-versed maestro has a deep sense of tempo, maintaining or developing time and feel in front of an audience as the adrenaline sets in.

Communication is a very big part of what the conductor needs to do in an open way that invites people in.

In the audio visual world, the AmpliVox Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center puts you fully in command of your presentations with robust design features.

Because not every presenter is the same height, the Maestro adjusts in height from 38 inches to 44 inches high with the turn of a pneumatic dial.

Moreover the maestro has an extra-wide 31 inch reading table to accommodate a laptop and much more.

It's designed for today's multimedia needs with such features as cable pass-through grommet, 110 volts power socket and optional data sockets.

AmpliVox's customization capabilities also include prominently displaying your logo.

The AmpliVox Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center is proudly Made in the USA. It features a six year warranty on the lectern and a 1 year warranty on the electronics.

Make yourself into a presentation Maestro. Extend your voice and project your image with AmpliVox.

Monday, October 31, 2022

FREE LED Lamp with the Purchase of Any AmpliVox Lectern

Don't be left out in the dark, easily illuminate the reading surface of any lectern with our adjustable reading lamps. A must have when dimming the lights of the room is necessary.

Turn the light down low and have the lectern lamp light up your notes for great visibility. These lights are perfect for church lecterns and pulpits, as well as for lecture hall podiums and even restaurant and bar hostess stations.

S1180 - LED
Lectern Light

Twelve bright white energy-efficient LED's on a flexible 9" long gooseneck arm provides infinite maneuverability.

One switch turns on all LED's on a free standing base.
S1132 - Clip-On Dual
Gooseneck LED Light

Two bright white LED lights each on a flexible 9" long goosenecks arm with four different light level options.

Switches on each lighting head to turn on just one or both LED's.

For a limited time receive a FREE LED Lamp with the purchase of any AmpliVox lectern while supplies last.


Digital Signange

Digital Signange
Visionary II Lectern

Maestro Adjustable
Presentation Center


Falcon Patriot Lectern




Patriot Plus


Rack Rail Ready Computer Lectern

Presidential Plus Lectern


Executive Adjustable Lectern

Executive Column Lectern

Multimedia Presentation Podium


Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern

Military Multimedia Lectern

Collegiate Multimedia Lectern

Multimedia Smart Podium



Sentry Mobile Workstation

Portable Valet Podium

ADA Sit To Stand Lectern

Home Office
School Desk

Acrylic Lectern

Large Top Clear Acrylic Lectern

Contemporary Acrylic Lectern

Traditional RTA Acrylic Lectern

X Acrylic
Floor Lectern

Clear Acrylic Floor Lectern

Contemporary Alumacrylic Lectern

Wood & Acrylic Floor Lectern

Contemporary Aluminum Lectern

"V" Clear Acrylic Floor Lectern

Clear Acrylic and Wood Floor Lectern

Acrylic Wood Panels Lectern

Deluxe Acrylic Wood Floor Lectern

Flat Jewel Mahogany Lectern

Flat Black
Panel Lectern

Flat Cherry Panel Lectern

Flat Gray Granite Lectern

Flat Hardrock
Marble Lectern

Curved Gray
Granite Lectern

Curved Hardrock Maple Lectern

Curved Jewel Mahogany Lectern

Curved Cherry Panel Lectern