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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

AmpliVox Acrylic Lecterns: Elegance Meets Durability and Design

When it comes to delivering a memorable presentation, the clarity of your voice and the image you project are crucial. AmpliVox Acrylic Lecterns exude contemporary elegance without compromising on durability.

We understand the importance of aesthetics in making a lasting impression. Our range of acrylic lecterns is a testament to this belief.

A Lectern for Every Occasion

Whether you're delivering a lecture that's light and airy, presenting with flair and curves, or aiming to dazzle with elements of wood and gold, AmpliVox has got you covered. Our range of Acrylic Lecterns include:

Sturdy Construction
: Built with a robust 3/4-inch acrylic base and a reading surface made of 1/2 inch acrylic, these lecterns are designed to last.

Versatile Designs
: Our models even incorporate elements of wood or anodized aluminum, adding a touch of sophistication.

Generous Reading Surface
: With ample space, you can confidently place your notes, ensuring a smooth presentation.

Timeless Appeal
: The design of our lecterns ensures that as you stand behind them, your image is projected with grace and authority.

AmpliVox boasts a diverse range of over 150 acrylic lectern models, each with its unique charm.

Whether you're looking for an acrylic pulpit for your church, a lectern for a conference center, or a statement piece for a meeting room, we have the perfect fit. The contemporary design of our lecterns, combined with their see-through elegance, makes them a favorite choice for various venues, from churches to corporate settings.

Clear Acrylic Lecterns

Clear Acrylic Lectern

Large Top Clear Acrylic Lectern

X Acrylic Floor Lectern

Clear Acrylic Floor Lectern

"V" Clear Acrylic Floor Lectern

Contemporary Acrylic Lectern

Traditional RTA Acrylic Lectern

Some models also include components made of wood or anodized aluminum.
Wood or Anodized Aluminum

Contemporary Alumacrylic Lectern

Wood & Acrylic Floor Lectern

Contemporary Aluminum Lectern

Clear Acrylic and Wood Floor Lectern

Acrylic Wood Panels

Deluxe Acrylic Wood Floor Lectern

And if you have a specific design in mind, our customization options ensure your vision comes to life.
Customize with Your Organizations Logo:

Create a unique and personalized acrylic lectern with etching and vinyl logo options.

Promote your company's identity with a modified lectern customized with your organization's logo.

Every AmpliVox acrylic lectern is a testament to our commitment to excellence, backed by a one-year warranty. And for your convenience, most of our lecterns arrive at your doorstep fully assembled, ready to grace your stage.