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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Black History Month 2023: Celebrating Contributions & Achievements

February is the time when we pay homage to the incredible Black individuals who have played an important role in shaping our society and to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions to the world.

From leaders, activists, and artists, to the everyday people who've made a difference, Black History Month is an opportunity to educate others and raise awareness as well as to inspire future generations to continue their legacy of excellence.

Recognizing Contributions and Achievements

Black History Month ensures that the contributions and achievements are not forgotten or overlooked. This is especially important in light of the fact that many of these achievements have been downplayed or marginalized in the past.

From the Civil Rights Movement, to the arts and entertainment industry, to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the Black community has pushed boundaries and broken barriers.

Civil Rights Movement: Leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Nelson Mandela fought for equality and justice, inspiring a global movement for human rights.
Arts and Culture: Artists, musicians, writers, and actors have made significant contributions to the world of art, literature, and entertainment, including figures like Maya Angelou, Louis Armstrong, and Toni Morrison.

Science and Technology: Scientists, engineers, and inventors such as George Washington Carver, who made groundbreaking discoveries in agriculture and food science, and Garrett Morgan, who invented the gas mask and traffic signal.
Sports: Athletes have shattered records and broken barriers in a wide range of sports, including track and field, basketball, football, and tennis, with famous figures like Jesse Owens, Michael Jordan, and Serena Williams.

Politics: Politicians have made important contributions to local, national, and international politics, including Barack Obama, the first Black President of the United States, to David Dinkins and Harold Washington, the first Black mayors of New York City and Chicago.
Business and Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs and business leaders have made important contributions to the world of business,finance, and entertainment, including Robert Smith, Oprah Winfrey, and Sean Combs.

Educating the Next Generation

By teaching young people about the role of African Americans in shaping our society, we can help to instill a sense of pride and understanding in their cultural heritage. By contributing a dedicated space for learning and reflection, Black History Month can provide a more comprehensive understanding of Americas shared history.

Moreover, by highlighting the struggles and triumphs of the Black community, it can help to demonstrate the power of perseverance, determination, and resilience, and encourage young people to strive for greatness in their own lives.

This is particularly important for those who often lack representation in leadership positions and may feel underrepresented in mainstream society.

By showing them the achievements of their predecessors, Black History Month can help to foster a sense of belonging and empower them to pursue their goals and dreams.

Friday, February 03, 2023

Benefits of a Portable PA System for Funeral Directors

As a funeral director, ensuring that the funeral service is conducted smoothly and respectfully is of the utmost importance.

One tool that can greatly aid in this process is a portable PA system.

A portable PA system is a compact and lightweight public address system that can be easily transported from one location to another.

It allows the funeral director to amplify their voice, making it easier for mourners to hear and understand the service, regardless of the size of the venue or the presence of background noise.

From improved communication to increased comfort for mourners, PA systems can help funeral directors provide high-quality services that are professional, efficient, and memorable.

Improved Communication

One of the most significant benefits for funeral directors is improved communication. During a funeral service, it is essential that the funeral director's voice is heard clearly by all attendees.

Portable PA systems ensure that the funeral director's voice is amplified and audible, even in large venues or noisy environments.

This can greatly enhance the mourners' experience, as they will be able to hear and understand the service with ease.

It allow the funeral director to make announcements or provide directions without having to raise their voice, which can be especially important for older mourners or those with hearing difficulties.

This not only helps to ensure that everyone is able to participate in the service but also shows that the funeral director is considerate of the mourners' comfort and needs.

Their use can greatly enhance the communication during a funeral service. It ensures that the funeral director's voice is heard clearly by all attendees, and it allows for seamless and efficient communication, making the service more meaningful and memorable for the mourners.


Unlike traditional sound systems, which can be heavy and difficult to move, a portable PA system is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport from one location to another.

This allows funeral directors to provide services in a variety of settings, from small chapels to large outdoor venues.

In addition to being easy to move, they eliminate the need for a separate sound system and the associated set-up and take-down time.

This makes the funeral process more efficient and streamlined, as the funeral director can quickly and easily prepare for the service.

The flexibility and convenience of a portable PA system are especially valuable for funeral directors who provide services in multiple locations, as they can easily bring the system with them and ensure that they have a reliable source of amplification wherever they go.

Enhanced Professionalism

A portable PA system can also enhance the professionalism of funeral services. The use of a professional-grade sound system demonstrates that the funeral director is dedicated to providing high-quality services that are both efficient and respectful.

By using a portable PA system, the funeral director can ensure that their voice is amplified and clear, which can make the service more dignified and meaningful.

In addition, a portable PA system allows funeral directors to incorporate music, prayers, and other elements into the service with ease.

This can greatly enhance the atmosphere of the service and provide a more complete and memorable experience for mourners.

Their use can also demonstrate a level of technical proficiency and expertise that sets the funeral director apart from others in the industry.

This can increase the funeral director's reputation for delivering high-quality services and can help to attract new clients.

Portable PA systems can greatly enhance the professionalism of a funeral service. It demonstrates the funeral director's dedication to providing high-quality services, allows for the seamless incorporation of music and other elements, and can enhance the funeral director's reputation in the industry.

Increased Comfort for Mourners

One of the most important aspects of a funeral service is ensuring that the mourners are comfortable and able to participate fully in the service. A portable PA system can greatly enhance this experience by providing clear, amplified sound. This can make it easier for mourners to hear and understand the service, even if they are seated in the back of a large venue or if there is background noise.

In addition to making it easier to hear the service, PA systems can also provide a more meaningful and memorable experience for mourners. By being able to clearly hear the words and music of the service, mourners are better able to focus on the ceremony and pay their respects to their loved one.

The use of a portable PA system can greatly enhance the comfort and experience of mourners during a funeral service. By providing clear, amplified sound, mourners are better able to participate in the service and find comfort in the ceremony.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Introducing the AmpliVox 3460 Carnegie Multimedia Mate

AmpliVox Sound Systems has rolled out the new SW3460 Carnegie Multimedia Mate. Designed for today's hard-working, flexible environments, the compact unit accommodates a range of A/V needs – including a complete sound system -- in a small, mobile cabinet.

Wireless Sound System
(SW model only)
Reading Table
28" W x 24" D
Pull Out Drawer
12.8" W x 13.3" x 3.6" H
Slide Out Shelf
23" W x 16" D
Integrated Sound Dashboard
(SW model only)
Drop Leaf
Four 3" Casters
(2 locking)

A complete set of features has been precisely-designed and built into the SW3460, all with today’s technology and portability in mind:

Made of durable, scratch-resistant thermal-fused laminate with attractive PVC edge banding.

Measures only 26" W x 22" D x 40" H, yet has plenty of room for the built-in sound system, added technology support, plus storage.

Two locking cabinet doors conceal a spacious interior that includes an adjustable shelf.

Also has a slide-out laptop shelf, side-panel pull-out drawer for a data projector, and a drop-hinge folding table for document camera or other accessories, making all technology tools close at hand.

The UHF 16-channel, 150-watt wireless system is mounted inside the cabinet, and two Jensen-design speakers are mounted in the front, ready to project sound to audiences as large as 2,000, and in rooms up to 20,000 square feet.

The reading table includes an electret condenser mic with control panel for mic volume and wireless receiver audio adjustments – volume, bass, and treble.

Featuring Integrated Dashboard with finger tip controls (SW models)

Built-in 16 Channel UHF wireless receiver,
584 MHz to 608 MHz (SW3460 only)
Stream audio with
wireless technology

S806A LPA 150 watt Amplifier
Power Switch: Power source
External Speaker Jack: For passive speaker
Line Out Jack: Connects to house system
or external PA system
Aux In Jack: Connects to external audio device
such as a CD/MP3 player or hard wired iPhone
XLR Mic Connector: For wired microphones

Your choice of wireless mic
S1461 24V Power Supply with AC Cable
Preamp Connector: Ribbon wire from control panel
Internal Speaker: Connects to lectern speaker

The unit also comes with a choice of wireless mic: lapel & headset flesh-tone over-ear, or handheld, allowing the presenter to roam the room for closer contact with the audience. The full sound system includes a Bluetooth module and features balanced XLR low impedance and supports phantom power up to 15 volts. It includes line-in and line out ¼” connectors.

The SW3460 is made in the USA at AmpliVox’s northern Illinois design and fabrication facility, and reflects the company’s uncompromising standards of design and quality. It features a 6-year limited warranty on the cabinet, and a 1-year limited warranty on the electronics, assuring its reliability in demanding environments.

"At AmpliVox, we’re always pushing the envelope to come up with new applications for today’s space-intensive, versatile environments," said Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO.

"Our Carnegie Multimedia Mate has a lot to offer any presentation environment – from meeting rooms and training centers to classrooms and auditoriums -- in one complete, ready-to-go package."

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Looking Back at AmpliVox 2022: Milestones

As the year comes to a close, it's a good time to look back and reflect on all that has been accomplished at AmpliVox and recount the milestones of 2021 as we move forward into the New Year.

January 2022
New Multi-Media, ADA, and Height Adjustable Lecterns

AmpliVox Sound Systems has added to its wide-ranging array of lecterns with two new series that evoke a winning tradition: Lexington and Concord.

The two lectern series offer a rich menu of sizes, colors, finishes, and other design and feature options that facilitate winning presentations, anywhere from the classroom to the boardroom.

Available in 25", 32" and 42" wide sizes in laminate or wood veneer finish. Heavy-duty industrial casters for easy mobility with a spacious storage shelve.

The Easiest Way to Be Heard - AmpliVox Powerful Megaphones

Of all the outstanding sound products made by AmpliVox, perhaps the most visible and versatile are our handheld megaphones.

These workhorse bullhorns can be seen – and heard – in all kinds of settings, giving directions, making announcements, and delivering messages to large groups of listeners.

February 2022
AmpliVox Joins the North Suburban YMCA in Celebrating Black History Month

AmpliVox Sound Systems, a long supporter of YMCA programs and activities, joined the North Suburban YMCA (NSYMCA) in celebration of Black History Month. The presentation showcased African American contributions throughout the history of the YMCA.

Juliana's Cookie World: Girls Scouts Heart of the Hudson

Executive Senior Vice Intern and AmpliVox Superstar, Ms. Juliana, was proudly moonlighting as a Girl Scout from the Heart of the Hudson raising money for an important program.

Through this fundraiser, girls not only learn goal setting, but decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics aspects essential to leadership, to success, and to life.

March 2022
Celebrate Women's History Month - Contributions To Culture and Society

This annual celebration was about encouraging peace and women's rights.

AmpliVox works to strengthen and improve the communities we serve, through innovative programs that channel financial support as well as product and expertise assistance to public service organizations.

Brady Roth Taking Center Stage - The Real Tragedy of Medea by Euripides

Our young star and the grandson of AmpliVox CEO Don Roth, Brady Roth, has taken center stage to perform in the play Medea by Euripides, a greek tragedy of domestic bliss shattered by betrayal.

April 2022
How Can You be Sure the World Will Hear You? Use the AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer!

In today’s increasingly noisy world, how can you be certain your message will be heard?

The AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer helps you get through loud and clear – over long distances, in noisy environments, and over common acoustic obstacles such as wind and trees that can muffle sound. When cranked up, the Half-Mile Hailer’s audio power rivals sound levels measured from a freight train or tornado!

Browse the 2022 AmpliVox Product Catalog

Through the challenge of the past year, AmpliVox has endeavored to uphold the values which have guided us for nearly 70 years, and which we continue to pledge for the upcoming year.

Our goal is to provide top quality professional presentation equipment that sets up easily, delivers perfect performance, and stands the test of time for reliability and durability.

May 2022
AmpliVox General Information - Ordering, Warranty, Returns and Shipping

AmpliVox Sound Systems accepts orders via email: orders@ampli.com. AmpliVox Sound Systems agrees (at its discretion) to repair or replace any brand product or component manufactured that is defective in materials or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns it.

Thank You Nurses!! National Nurses Month 2022

The American Nurses Association recognizes the month of May as National Nurses Month, a time to reflect on and honor the memory of nurses we have lost this past.

Nurses make a difference as trusted advocates who ensure individuals, families, and populations receive quality patient care and services.

June 2022
Acrylic Podiums: Dazzle, Delight & Capture Audience Attention

AmpliVox not only produces great sound systems that extend your voice, we also make stylish lecterns that project your image. Our acrylic lecterns offer contemporary elegance combined with dependable durability.

They feature a sturdy base made of tough ¾ " acrylic material and column and reading surface made of ½" acrylic. Choose from a vast assortment of lectern styles for every presentation requirement and venue.

Introducing the AmpliVox Concord Lecterns

AmpliVox Sound Systems has added to its wide-ranging array of lecterns with a new series that evokes a winning tradition.

The Concord lecterns offer a rich menu of sizes, colors, finishes, and other design and feature options that facilitate winning presentations, anywhere from the classroom to the boardroom. Available in Floor, Multimedia, ADA and Height Adjustable with or without Sound Systems.

July 2022
Capri Lectern: Sleek, Modern, Curved Design Matches Any Décor

AmpliVox continues to develop lecterns that address an extremely broad range of speaking styles, decors, and budgets.

The Capri lectern is an update of one of our most popular styles - now with a sleek curved design and edge banding, its the perfect combination of style and practicality. Made of a scratch resistant melamine laminate finish with elegant curved construction and radiused corners, for beautiful styling and durability that will stand the test of time.

Communication Cuts Through Chaos for Better Public Safety

When public safety is on the line, it is vital that law enforcement, fire departments, and other emergency responders have the ability to clearly communicate with large groups of people on a moment’s notice.

Whether the emergency is related to accidents, natural causes, criminal activity, or terrorist violence, panic and confusion in the crowd can greatly increase the risk of casualties.

In establishing disaster preparedness plans, emergency personnel in all settings should have equipment on hand to guarantee that, whatever obstacles arise, communication lines will remain available.

August 2022
AmpliVox Hitting the Links at the Glenview Chamber's Annual Golf Outing

AmpliVox took a well deserved break and enjoyed the beautiful weather at the Glenview Chamber's Annual Golf Outing 2022. The annual event brings out golfing enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy a day on the links.

With more than 500 members and 95 years of experience, the Glenview Chamber of Commerce works to make Glenview a destination of choice for businesses and their owners, and for the customers and community that contribute to Glenview's vitality.

Classroom Amplification: Improving the Learning Environment

Never have to repeat yourself again. The students in your class need to hear you and AmpliVox can help. Most teachers assume that all the students in their class are able to hear them speak?

Students in an amplified classrooms retain more information have less behavioral problems and score higher on the tests. This is the reason why schools across the nation are turning to personal amplification systems to improve the education environment.

September 2022
Top 5 Hospital Management Tips for Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare management professionals hold vitally important positions and are responsible for the way their hospital functions. Running a hospital forces managers to juggle a variety of tasks. Due to the importance of this position, a hospital manager should be equipped to take the necessary positive action while avoiding certain pitfalls in managing the life of a hospital.

2022 Sound Comparison Guide: Lecterns & PA Systems

Packed with useful product photos & specs, in a handy side by side format: the Sound Comparison Guide helps you quickly compare models and zero in on what you need!

October 2022
Elegant Contemporary Lecterns that Complement Your Décor

AmpliVox not only produces great sound systems that extend your voice, we also make stylish lecterns that project your image. Our Contemporary Lecterns offer elegant design that complements your décor. They come in flat or curved profiles.

Chicagoland Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month began in Chicago this year with a downtown takeover and gridlock. Hundred of cars flooded the loop with revelers celebrating Mexican Independence Day (9/16/22).

There were fireworks, couples dancing in the streets, and multiple spinouts causing gridlock for hours.

November 2022
Music, Maestro, Please! Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center

The role of a conductor is to organize the music and keep everything calm, setting the scene that allows the actors and orchestra to step fully into the music.

With a clear beat pattern that is modified for the musical context, a well-versed maestro has a deep sense of tempo, maintaining or developing time and feel in front of an audience as the adrenaline sets in.

AmpliVox Free Pink Podium for Breast Cancer Organizations

AmpliVox Sound Systems is renewing its offer of a FREE Pink Podium to cancer organizations for Breast Cancer Awareness.

AmpliVox’s Pink Podium Promise has been in place since 2010 with hundreds of cancer society chapters, foundations, hospitals and local governments.

The lectern is FREE to qualified organizations; shipping is also free within continental U.S.

December 2022
AmpliVox Free Pink Podium for Breast Cancer Organizations

With coverage for small, medium, and large venues, AmpliVox Sound Systems provide the highest quality stadium portable PA systems for sporting events and athletic fields. Our portable stadium sound systems for outdoor events are created for superior play-by-play announcements, coaching, sporting field activities, directions, and more.

Dale Carnegie - The Father of Self Improvement

It is fair to say that Dale Carnegie is the father of the self-help movement that swept across America. His principles of human relations are almost godlike in terms of their power if you just remember to keep things simple.

His book, How to Win Friends and Influence People was published in 1936 and since then has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling books of all time.

We would like to thank all of our dealers, suppliers, customers and friends for none of this would of been possible without their support.

We are looking forward to 2023 as we continue to grow our role in our community and make a difference in the causes we believe in.