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Monday, June 01, 2020

Portable Fitness and Aquatic Sound Systems

Fitness & Aquatic Spec Sheet

Adaptable Sound Great For:

  • Fitness Classes
  • Aquatics
  • Sports
  • Crowd Control
  • Outdoor Mobile Events
  • Large indoor or outdoor gatherings

An excellent way for coaches to project sounds to large outdoor spaces.
Designed for the demanding needs of the fitness industry and active professional, these packages combine the AmpliVox Mega Hailer PA system with a wireless headset microphone and various options to provide the user with maximum acoustic power, flexibility of use, and freedom of movement.

The new Fitness and Aquatic Packages make the Mega Hailer even more useful for the health and fitness market, as well as any meeting or event needing expanded sound coverage.

The Mega Hailer PA System has a built-in 50-watt amplifier and built-in speaker, with exceptional speech intelligibility and tonal balance, and expanded coverage over longer distances.

It has a built-in 96-channel wireless receiver for our best-ever sound coverage, plus a Bluetooth module for connectivity to any Bluetooth device.

Its rechargeable SLA batteries provide up to 10 hours of operation. It can be mounted on a tripod for even greater sound dispersion.

All Fitness Packages include the
Mega Hailer PA System:

  • 50 Watt amp allows you to reach up to 3,000 people
  • Built-in Bluetooth® module
  • Rechargeable SLA batteries provide 10 hours of operation
  • Heavy-duty construction for use indoors or outdoors
  • Exceptional speech intelligibility
  • Produces consistent tonal balance with expanded sound coverage over longer distances
  • Built-in carry handle and detachable shoulder strap
  • Built-in USB charger for charging smartphones and tablets
  • Tripod mount
  • Includes AC power adapter/charger with 6 foot power cord

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

AmpliVox COVID Security Station and Free Megaphone for COVID Checkpoints and Test Sites

To get the free megaphone and/or discounted COVID Security Station
call AmpliVox at 800-267-5486 and ask for Jason, ext. 442, or Patrick, ext. 438.

Limited Time Offer, through June 30, 2020

AmpliVox Sound Systems, manufacturer of portable PA systems, is expanding its offer of a free megaphone to any COVID-19 drive-up testing site by also offering a discount on its COVID Security Station for security checkpoints.

The W480 Sentry Mobile Workstation, widely used by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration for TSA checkpoints (TSA Contract #HSTS04-15-A-C14020), is now ready as a COVID Security Station unit, along with a FREE S600NR megaphone, for a limited time.

The COVID Security Station can be used by individuals administering a checkpoint or test site. It is a mobile workstation made of heavy duty steel construction, with these features:

  • A work surface that's height-adjustable by dial
  • Four casters for easy movement
  • Constructed of welded 18 gauge steel, with a black semi-gloss powder coat
  • Work surface is 28”W x 18”D, and is adjustable in height
  • Two adjustable height storage shelves are constructed of 22-gauge steel
  • Four locking 4-inch diameter swivel casters
  • Plenty of room for customer to add signage and/or logo on the front. (Ask AmpliVox about custom logo options.)

The S600NR megaphone can be used to control traffic and provide clear, audible instructions to testing participants.

The free megaphone offer is available to the first 200 requesters, or through June 30, whichever comes first.

The COVID Security Station is offered with a 10% discount off the regular list price through June 30.

"We are extremely proud of our medical and testing personnel and want to do everything we can to support them," said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth.

"AmpliVox manufactures both voice amplification and lecterns. This is the least we can do to help."

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Introducing the AmpliVox 3046 Falcon Patriot Lectern Series

For a lectern that conveys distinction and prestige choose the AmpliVox Falcon Patriot.

Some of the most distinguished spokespersons in the world have used this lectern to convey an authoritative image.

Designed by AmpliVox craftsman to exacting specifications for government officials, this stately presentation center will impress any audience and elevate your professional image.

The AmpliVox Falcon Patriot Lectern is built for beauty and durability, starting with a lacquered coated wood veneer that comes in a choice of 5 colors.

An elegant fabric wrapped top in choice of three colors, a generous 31” wide x 24” deep reading table and a solid and a solid skirted base.

The Falcon Patriot Lectern features a 6 Year Warranty on the lectern, and a 1 Year Warranty on the electronics.

Extend your voice and enhance your image of distinction with AmpliVox.

Friday, May 08, 2020

AmpliVox Salutes Nurses Week & Former Nurse Nancy Roth with Renewed Offer of Free COVID Test Site Megaphone

AmpliVox Sound Systems, a long-time supporter of first responders and medical personnel, salutes National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2020, with the renewed offer of a free AmpliVox megaphone to any COVID-19 drive-up testing site.

The megaphone can help control traffic and provide clear, audible instructions to participations in their cars. The megaphone, AmpliVox Model S600NR projects strong, clear sound up to 100 yards.

"We enthusiastically salute our nation’s nurses who are doing a spectacular job caring for COVID patients and protecting the public," said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth.

"My late wife Nancy had a nursing degree, and I think of the dedication and compassion she showed to others as I think of the incredible job nurses are doing now."
According to 2020: Year of the Nurse
Unprecedented courage around the world in the Daily Herald:

"We have recently we have recently seen remarkable acts in our hospitals...

Nurses holding patients’ hands when family members can’t be in the room. Nurses FaceTiming COVID-19 patients on their days off to check in...

Nurses bravely donning layers of protective equipment over and over, without complaint and without hesitation."

Said Roth, "Not only nurses, but all personnel testing and treating for COVID need our help.

AmpliVox’s business is voice amplification, and we are happy to support the pandemic recovery effort by helping people in their cars clearly hear instructions from testing personnel."

The free megaphone is available through June 30 to COVID-19 drive-through testing sites (limit one free megaphone per site).

The Mini-Meg 10-Watt Megaphone weighs just two pounds, has a built-in siren and fold-up handle.

It works from 4 D cell batteries, providing up to 20 hours of continuous talk time.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Free AmpliVox Megaphone for Traffic Control at COVID Drive-up Testing Sites

AmpliVox Sound Systems, manufacturer of megaphones and portable PA systems, is donating a free megaphone to any COVID-19 drive-up testing site to control traffic and provide clear, audible instructions to participants in their cars.

The megaphone, AmpliVox Model S600NR projects strong, clear sound up to 100 yards.

"We know there is a surging demand for COVID testing, and that additional drive-up sites are being developed," said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth.

"Our business is voice amplification, and we are happy to support the pandemic recovery effort by helping people in their cars clearly hear instructions from testing personnel."

The free megaphone is available through June 30 to COVID-19 drive-through testing sites (limit one free megaphone per site).

The Mini-Meg 10-Watt Megaphone weighs just two pounds, has a built-in siren and fold-up handle.

It works from 4 D cell batteries provides up to 20 hours of continuous talk time.

To get the free megaphone:
- call AmpliVox at 800-267-5486
- ask for Jason, ext. 442, or Patrick, ext. 438

AmpliVox manufactures a complete line of megaphones and PA systems:

Megaphones for reaching audiences up to one mile
, most with rechargeable batteries, many models with sirens, whistles, and flashing warning lights. The Safety Wand Megaphone S606 features a flashing wand that can help with directing traffic.

Half-Mile Hailers for wider disbursement of high-quality sound up to a half mile away
, featuring wireless microphones for freedom of movement and auxiliary speakers and tripod-mounting for extended range. Batteries provide extended use of up to 200 hours.

Vehicle-Mounted Sound Cruisers feature horn speakers on a vehicle roof
with amplifier in the vehicle, for mobile broadcasting.

Portable PAs
ranging from smaller models mounted on a belt to mobile units with 250-watt amplifier capable of reaching 7,500 people.

Friday, May 01, 2020

Together with a Heart: Food Relief Efforts for Senior Citizens During COVID-19

On Tuesday evening, March 24, Charlene Hall, owner of Gold Star Cafe in Lowell, IN was being interviewed by WBBM News Radio about her food relief efforts for senior citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many others in the restaurant industry, take out and delivery efforts have been a focal point to keep business afloat.

Once the shelter in place orders were mandated by several states across the country including Indiana & Illinois, there was a lot of inventory of food at the Gold Star Cafe.

Instead of letting meals go to waste or disposing of the meals, Charlene Hall decided to provide meals for local and surrounding senior citizens that were unable to get out to stores during the food rush.

Since the start of her voluntary efforts, many other volunteers have jumped on board to help distribute these meals straight to the doorsteps of senior citizens.

During her interview, when asked if there was anything else needed to help with the delivery of free meal baskets, Charlene did not hesitate to express the struggle of finding large enough boxes to hold four days worth of food.

AmpliVox Sound Systems, a small business located in Northbrook, IL who normally helps others be heard, was the one listening on this evening. Plant manager, Larry Stotts while driving home from work, heard the outcry of the Gold Star Cafe to help fallen victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AmpliVox had boxes, and plenty of boxes! Within the next 24 hours, Charlene and the Gold Star Cafe’s packaging issue was resolved!

A Facebook post from Charlene Hall with over 20,000 engagement insights, best outlines the sequence of events:

Larry Stotts

AmpliVox Plant Manufacturing Supervisor
"So I get a call from Larry Stotts, of Amplivox Sound Systems located north of Chicago. What size and how many boxes do we need? We spoke, he drilled down some sizes to me and we came up with the perfect size to easily handle four days of meals for our deserving seniors.

No worries...he will shoot me out some, he loved what we are doing and he wants to help. I spoke later with their marketing manager and really got a feel for this company and all the great people working there. Those kind, generous folks sent us an ENTIRE pallet of boxes by private carrier.

Our box worries are now over for a long time. Each delivery was a struggle and just like that, fixed...out of the kindness of someone’s heart. Thank you Amplivox for being a good neighbor!"

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm resulting in lost lives and economic hardship for many.

People have been forced to self-isolate and in most locations it is mandatory to wear PPE while in public.

There is no doubt that different times are among us, but this heart-touching story reminds us that during adverse times even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way.

At a time when the well-being of others and ourselves is a priority, it has become virtually necessary to provide effective assistance for each other especially since there are limited resources.

Though most of the world has responded to this pandemic with fear and precaution, it is also important to understand we all have an opportunity to choose to respond in a way that can truly save lives.

This opportunity to do something great doesn’t have to be big or grand, it just has to be done with a heart. So whenever that next opportunity for a positive impact comes, take advantage and be the difference.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Featured Distributor: Global Industrial Launches R3 Program - Restore, Return, Rebound

Global Industrial, an AmpliVox partnered distributor, launches their Restore, Return, Rebound (R3) Program providing businesses guidance and product solutions to keep employees and customers safe. The R3 Program represents the three R's for businesses: Restore the facility, Return to work, and Rebound the business.

The R3 Program provides customers guidance on room-by-room best practices for working in the post COVID-19 world, including new solutions for cleaning and sanitizing requirements, indoor and outdoor maintenance, social distancing aids such as signage and separators, and how to reconfigure floor plans for everything from bathrooms and breakrooms to lobbies, common areas, and supply closets.

"Global Industrial is an essential business, and with that comes a responsibility to our customers and their employees," said Barry Litwin, CEO of Systemax.

"We are here to assist businesses and facilities in hardening their environments with solutions and products for maintenance, social distancing office configurations and rebounding successfully in a post-COVID-19 world," Litwin continued.

An R3 Program Guide will be packaged with all shipped orders beginning in late April, and the guide, along with more detailed information, is available on www.globalindustrial.com/r3 to provide customers with online access as needed.

Global Industrial said that to further aid in the recovery effort, it is temporarily waiving shipping charges for "Everyday Essentials" such as janitorial and sanitation, packaging, safety products and select tools.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

ULINE Owner Pushes to End Shutdown, Recall Wisconsin Governor

Liz Uihlein, president of the shipping supply company ULINE, has reportedly urged her employees to support a petition to recall the governor of Wisconsin over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I want to see America get back to work," Uihlein told Bloomberg, explaining why she opposed Evers' decision to extend the state's stay-at-home order for five additional weeks.

"We love our customers, and we love our employees.

We think about our employees and their families. We need a strong economy and a healthy business to support them."

The request bothered some staffers, in part because they consider Uihlein insufficiently supportive of work-from-home policies -- something her company disputes, calling its employees’ health and safety “our top priority.”

According to the company, numerous measures have been implemented to reduce the potential for COVID-19 infection. They include more deep cleaning, social distancing practices, work-from-home and a $5-per-hour pay increase for customer service and warehouse employees.

ULINE is a privately held American company which offers shipping and other business supplies such as our AmpliVox Mity-Meg Bullhorns. It has approximately 6,000 employees and is headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How to Prepare for an Emergency with Portable Sound Systems

Emergencies can strike at any time. Make sure your business, organization, school or community is prepared with a portable sound system. In an emergency every second counts, shouting over the noise can waste precious seconds. You need to make sure you are heard.

A lightweight portable sound system is a great way to make sure everyone hears your message clearly and quickly.

In the first moments of a disaster roughly 10% of people panic.

80% essentially do nothing, unable to come to terms with what is happening they freeze.

The remaining 10% jump into action.

One of the main points of conducting emergency drilling is to train the 10% to begin coordinating the activities of the eighty percent trying to get them to do the right thing.

Communicating the action plan quickly and effectively prevents the panic group from influencing the behavior of the eighty percent awaiting further instructions.

Portable sound systems such as megaphones can help your emergency planning leaders effectively communicate during the critical stages of the emergency.

By having these leaders use this type of communication equipment, they can effectively override the noise, commotion, and sense of panic that can impair any organized emergency plan.

There are also long-range weatherproof systems which are ideal for directing emergency crews and crowd control in larger areas.

These systems are ideal for situations that require moving personnel from indoor facilities to an inclement outdoor environment where the elements may add to the complexity of the emergency.