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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Delivering the Message: New Options for Lecterns and Sound Products for Your Sanctuary Space

More than any other presentation setting, religious sanctuaries require furniture and equipment that complement the tone of the message being delivered. When all eyes are turned toward the pulpit, the setting requires a lectern that evokes dignity, elegance and permanence, while unobtrusively accommodating sound equipment, reading space, storage, and other necessities. Sound systems, for their part, must be selected to adequately project sound given the logistics of room and congregation size. With a multitude of options available, church administrators should seek advice from a company that understands the connections between attractive lecterns and practical sound equipment to deliver the clearest message possible.

Sanctuary lecterns are available today in a wide selection of acrylic, hardwoods, and other materials, with styles to fit both traditional and contemporary settings. One of the first choices to be made in selecting a lectern involves the main material elements that will be visually appealing in a specific setting. Lecterns can be found in clear or smoked acrylic, elegant wood veneers, solid wood, or combinations. Each material offers its own particular advantages and stylistic tone that should complement the overall sanctuary theme.

Acrylic lecterns offer a broad range of options, from slender pedestal styles to modern combinations of Lucite, metal, and wood veneer. Acrylic lecterns lend a quality of clarity and lightness to worship spaces, allowing the person speaking to be seen without obstruction. Top-quality acrylic lecterns include panels cut from thick sheets of plexiglass for long-term durability. Adding a smoke finish to the acrylic creates a more substantial appearance while still presenting a contemporary, translucent style. Acrylic lecterns also offer the possibility of customization with logos or other artwork, to enhance the beauty of the lectern and provide unity to the overall room décor.

For a more solid appearance in a contemporary setting, consider the many options in modern veneer styles. Lecterns with veneer panels deliver the elegant wood patterns that blend well with any décor, but offer that impact in a lightweight product that blends well with other materials. The solid front panel also serves to conceal items stored on internal shelves, such as water, reading materials, and sound equipment. The best manufacturers offer a multitude of mix-and-match options with veneers, metal trims, and designs, so that each customer can create the perfect lectern to match their sanctuary space.

Lecterns are also available to serve in other building areas, including narthexes, fellowship halls, and conference rooms. For these less formal areas, look for products that combine attractiveness with practicality in features for mobility, sound amplification, and connectivity with external media devices. Frequently, elegant lecterns can double as high-tech media presentation workstations.

Some lecterns are even designed to be weatherproof for use in outdoor services and events. Products for outside use should feature high-durability polyurethane construction, which offers the advantage of water resistance and easy portability. Rolling casters also improve the mobility of indoor/outdoor equipment; be sure to look for high-grade, locking casters that will last as long as the lectern itself.

Choices about presentation lecterns necessarily raise questions about sound amplification, an area where new technologies offer an ever-growing range of options. For indoor settings, investigate compact speaker systems that deliver perfect sound quality with a minimum of space and obtrusiveness. Microphones and PA systems are also necessary parts of overall sound plans, whether inside the sanctuary, in a meeting room, or outdoors for retreats or outreach events. Whether presenters prefer to use handheld or lapel mics, choose wireless equipment that utilizes a 16-ch UHF frequency range to optimize sound clarity and avoid interference. Boundary mics can be attached to hard surfaces within the room to enhance amplification. PA options range from waistband mini-PAs for small audiences to powerful megaphones that project sound up to a mile. Your sound equipment specialist should be able to deliver specific advice on how to select the appropriate sound products for any setting, and help match lectern choices to sound equipment requirements.

A sanctuary’s lectern is a vital centerpiece in the overall presentation of its speaker’s message. Fortunately, the many new options available for lecterns and supporting sound equipment make it possible to create a personalized, elegant, and practical solution to serve any setting. To make selections that will work together seamlessly, consult with a manufacturer or dealer who understands both the stylistic imperatives and the technical requirements of your church. A comprehensive plan will deliver unified, effective messaging in worship spaces and beyond.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

AmpliVox Corporate Values: Service First

AmpliVox Sound Systems is a manufacturer, designer and distributor of portable sound systems and lecterns. Our commitment to excellence in design, testing, and quality control has made AmpliVox an industry leader for product development and production. Our employees are committed to providing the finest PA systems and presentation equipment that can be produced, from the finest materials available. Our dealers and distributors are rewarded with customer service that is knowledgeable, supportive and dedicated to their success.

AmpliVox also values the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship, both locally and globally. We work to strengthen our communities by supporting many causes, events and charities. AmpliVox is especially proud to support the fight against breast cancer with its innovative Pink Podium Promise donation program.

  • Customer Service: AmpliVox considers customer service its top priority. We pride ourselves on responding promptly and accurately to every request, using top quality technology to ensure perfect order fulfillment. We value customer feedback and respond with meaningful, proactive solutions to improve every aspect of the customer service experience.
  • Supplier Relationships: AmpliVox recognizes the value of high ethical standards in all interactions connected to our business. In working with suppliers on a global level, we support work environments that respect the dignity and inherent human rights of the individual. We are dedicated to business practices that deliver fair compensation for products and services and respect all intellectual property rights.
  • Employment Policies: AmpliVox values the contribution of each member of its team. Employees of AmpliVox are provided equal opportunity and treatment in matters of hiring, continued employment, advancement, and compensation without regard to issues of race, color, gender, ethnicity, or religious belief. Open communication and partnership with our team members makes AmpliVox a better company for its workers, management, and customers
  • Environmental Stewardship: In pursuit of new products and methods that protect the environment while supporting a healthy bottom line, AmpliVox Sound Systems’ products comply with approved standards to minimize the environmental impact of manufactured products and promote the use of recycled materials. AmpliVox also specifies Green Cross-certified particle board and recycled post-industrial wood residues in the manufacture of its products, and uses recycled packaging materials and biodegradable packing peanuts to dramatically reduce toxic landfill waste.
  • Commitment to Community: AmpliVox works to strengthen and improve the communities we serve, through innovative programs that channel financial support as well as product and expertise assistance to public service organizations. AmpliVox created the “Pink Podium Promise” cause marketing initiative to provide breast cancer awareness groups with distinctive, versatile pink Pinnacle lecterns. Since 2009, the program has delivered hundreds of free lecterns to breast cancer events around the country, and has been expanded to include donations of Pink Power Megaphones and Blue Podiums for Prostate Health. AmpliVox has also actively supported local community organizations including the North Suburban YMCA, in the firm belief that a strong community enhances both our personal and business lives in the short and long term.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Northbrook Chamber Honors North Suburban YMCA at 58th Annual Dinner

AmpliVox CEO Don Roth with
YMCA Executive Director Howard Schultz
The Northbrook Chamber of Commerce presented its 58th Annual Dinner on February 27, celebrating the successes of business enterprises in its community. Over 200 members and guests braved inclement weather to participate in the event at the Renaissance Hotel. This year’s dinner gave special recognition to the North Suburban YMCA as its Small Business of the Year, in recognition of the Y’s dramatic turnaround, consistent growth, and dedicated commitment to community service.

YMCA Past President Bob Dahlke Jr, along with CEO/Executive Director Howard Schultz, accepted the award from Chamber President Tensley Garris. He reflected on the Y’s remarkable success over the last six years, which included an intense drive to revitalize and renovate the once-ailing facility. In 2006, the Y was on the verge of closing its doors due to crippling debt, plummeting membership, deteriorating infrastructure and the potential revocation of its charter from YMCA of the USA. A “Save the Y” campaign built on the Y’s deep roots in the community and then reached out to new potential partners and supporters, eliminating the institution’s mortgage obligations and then raising an additional $5.8 million to date for essential renovations. Phase II of the renovation project, completed in September 2012, included new locker rooms, enhanced lobby and public areas, improved accessibility, and a host of other upgrades throughout the building. The renovations and surrounding publicity have yielded huge returns: through February 2013, membership has grown over 35% since 2009, including a 19% leap since the completion of major renovations in September alone. The Y now boasts over 2100 dues paying member households.

At the same time, the Y maintains a commitment to keep its services available to all by providing financial assistance to families enable participation in membership, child care, day camp, and other programs important to their family needs, through its Strong Kids Financial Assistance Fund. Approximately one out of five participant members, approximately 2000 people, receive some level of assistance, with roughly $490,000 in aid being distributed in 2012 alone. The Y’s annual Ken & Alta Thiel Strong Kids Dinner has been the primary source of the over $1.8 million raised for financial assistance since 2006.

Dahlke thanked the Chamber for its consistent support of the Y’s efforts and pledged that the Y would continue to be a strong partner to area businesses. In accepting the award, he commented, “We are going to be here forever to help Northbrook, support the Chamber, and be a great place for everybody.”

Amplivox Sound Systems has been an integral part in supporting the North Suburban YMCA. In addition to financial support, Amplivox has supplied portable audio systems and presentation equipment to meet its every need, whether it's group fitness, sporting events, corporate presentations or day camp.

For more information regarding the North Suburban YMCA, visit www.nsymca.org.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day 2013: Chicago Parade & Celebrations

AmpliVox Sound Systems, a native of the Chicago land area, is looking forward to this week’s festivities and joining in on the celebration in honoring St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday the 17th, 2013.

With its large Irish community, Chicago goes all out and celebrates the holiday with the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade along with city-wide festivities commemorating traditional and contemporary Irish music, dance, food and activities.

Our favorite Chicago St. Patrick’s Day tradition takes place hours before the city’s parade with the annual dyeing the Chicago River, turning the Chicago River into an incredible shade of Irish Green.

The dyeing of the Chicago River tradition began in 1961 when Stephen Bailey noticed and approached a plumber that had his white coveralls stained and dyed in a bright shade of green. When Stephen Bailey asked the plumber how his coveralls got that way, they discovered that the dye the plumber used to detect leaks into the river turned the water into a perfect shade of green identical to the greens of Ireland.

The dyeing of the Chicago River will take place this Saturday the 16th at 10:00am and can be best witnessed near Wacker Drive between Columbus and Lake Shore Drive. Celebrate a Chicago tradition on the river and take a boat ride on the St. Patrick’s Day Cruise offered by the Shoreline Sightseeing Architecture Cruises that presents a special tour highlighting the role of the Irish in the growth of Chicago.

The Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade follows the dyeing of the Chicago River at 12:00 noon starting at Balbo Drive and Columbus Drive proceeding north on Columbus Drive till Monroe Drive.

Viewing stand will be located directly in front of Chicago’s famous Buckingham Fountain, known as the city’s grand “Chicago’s front yard”.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is overjoyed with large crowds, blaring bagpipes, traditional Irish dance and even a few local celebrities.

With the festivities continuing throughout the weekend, local park districts, the Irish American Heritage Center, and all Irish Pubs and Taverns around Chicago land area provide you with an authentic Irish experience of party with traditional food, drink, dancing and all things green. We wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday, March 08, 2013

AmpliVox provides product training at W.B. Mason Brockton, MA offices

The W.B. Mason office in Brockton, MA was the scene this week for AmpliVox Sound Systems to present and educate Mason account representatives on how to effectively prospect and sell portable sound systems and lecterns.

The team of over 45 account executives met with Bill Gamber, Director of Sales, for AmpliVox. The focus of the meeting was to reinforce the message that was delivered back in October at the W.B. Mason Sales Convention & Trade Show.

AmpliVox has a PA system and lectern for virtually every one of the Mason reps customers. Be it a small 20 watt system all the way to a 250 watt system, be it an audience from 10 to 10,000 people, all the schools, churches, civic groups, restaurants and businesses that these reps currently sell to are all in need of some way of delivering their message through an easy to use portable pa system or a lectern integrated with sound that AmpliVox supplies to W.B. Mason and United Stationers.

The reps were really excited to know that virtually every one of the AmpliVox pa systems and lecterns has iPod ipad, iphone connectivity to them. The extensive selection of pa systems and lecterns that AmpliVox offers had the reps thinking of ways they can capitalize on this profitable line. After the meeting, many reps asked specific questions, about projects they are aware of with their customers, where an AmpliVox system can be used. Of course they all received a copy of the 2013 Full Line Color catalog.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Merits of Direct Selling

Direct selling is the person-to-person sale of a good or service. The direct seller, who operates independently of the company producing the goods, receives a portion of each sale as a commission for their work.

The founding principles of direct selling go back hundreds of years, but many people today may remember the “Tupperware” parties of the 1950s as the time when direct selling most greatly influenced American consumerism. They may also assume that the industry has since dissolved, given the rise of more encompassing business-to-consumer commerce. According to the Direct Selling Association though, hundreds of direct selling companies continue to successfully operate, including the likes of Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Beach Body, and many more, which produce billions of dollars in annual revenue.

And that revenue stems from the work of the direct seller, who arrive from all walks of life to help connect businesses to customers through their unique products.

If you think such business endeavors would be risky or unsustainable in these current economic conditions, you may be surprised. Direct selling opportunities within industries like travel and tourism are expected to prosperously meet the growing demand consumers have to take trips in 2013.

At AmpliVox Sound Systems, we believe our success stems from a strong work ethic and an unwavering competitive drive. It comes from fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation to produce portable audio products that meet our customers’ diverse needs. It comes from the relationships we’ve built with our suppliers, distributors, and customers to maintain great communication and to ensure all expectations are being met. It comes from being a leader in our field.

Those same traits—hard work, innovation, strong communication and relationship building, are the foundation of direct selling, and we applaud the self-reliant and entrepreneurial nature of those who work and succeed in this capacity across the country.

You can learn more about the direct selling industry by visiting the Direct Selling Association at dsa.org.

Do you have any experience with direct selling? Do you have any comments for this article? We want to know. Leave us a note on our Facebook page or tweet us at @AmpliVox on Twitter.