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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review: Introducing the iPod Cable and Adapter for iPhones & iPads

The popularity of the SW720 iPod PA System launched an initiative within AmpliVox to extend all of its PA systems to also support iPhones and iPads. The introduction of the S1732 iPod Cable and Adapter made it possible to connect a PA system to common Apple iDevices, allowing a presenter to offer a rich multimedia experience by accessing their music or videos from an external iOS portable device such as an iPod (including the iPod Touch), iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini.

Capture your audience's attention with background music from your iDevice using the S1732 cable.

The S1732 iPod Cable and Adapter has a 30-pin connector that attaches to the bottom of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod while the other end of the cable splits into a 3.5mm stereo audio plug and a standard USB connector.

The 3.5mm audio connector can plug into the ‘auxiliary line in’ of your PA System to play music while the USB can attach to your laptop computer or included wall adapter to simultaneously charge your iDevice while it is in use.

Made for today’s music and video, the revamped SW720 Wireless PA System with Remote Controlled DVD player now includes the S1732 Cable and Adapter to be fully compatible with iDevices from Apple. The SW720 Wireless PA System can reach an audience size of up to 500 people and rooms as large as 2,500 square feet.

The SW720 has a DVD/CD/MP3 disc player with USB/SD card reader and video out that allows you watch DVD’s with a projector or other video displays. The SW720 also has a built-in UHF selectable 16 channel wireless receiver with wireless handheld microphone that has a range of 300 ft.

Simple to operate controls contains a voice priority switch mutes music when speaking and separate bass / treble controls to contour sound as you like.

Rechargeable battery of the SW720 runs for up to 4 hours on a single charge or plug in with the AC power cord (battery charges even while in use with AC power).

Weighing in at 11.5lbs, the molded plastic enclosure of the SW720 is made for exceptional durability and portability with a comfort grip handle. Includes a protective cover with expandable pockets to store all accessories.
For more information on the S1732 iPod Cable and Adapter or revamped SW720 Wireless PA System please visit:

Product Spec Sheet: S1732 iPod Cable and Adapter Product Spec Sheet: SW720 iPad, iPhone, iPod Wireless PA System