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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Logo Design: AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems' Logo

A logo can say a lot about a company. It can communicate what they do, how big they are, what they value, and how big their marketing budget is!

AmpliVox Sound Systems knows the importance of a good logo for branding purposes. 

Here are some cool features of the AmpliVox logo:
  • The A and V are symmetrical
  • The A and V is easy for customers to remember and leaves a favorable branding impression
  • The A and V have a double meaning: it stands for AmpliVox and also Audio Visual
  • It looks great on our portable sound systems 
Our desire is for our logo to remind people of the great PA systems and lecterns that we provide.

Here is a short video from PBS on the importance and power of logo design:

What is your favorite logo? Leave it in a comment!