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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PA Systems for Boats: Speedboats, Pontoons, And, Sailboats

AmpliVox offers many products useful to boaters in emergency situations for enhanced communication across long distances.  If you ever need to communicate with emergency personal, other boats or people on a dock.

The Half Mile Hailer is a great option. It has a range capable of a half mile. It would be very helpful in an emergency situation to relay your message to fellow boaters, on-lookers, or medical assistance. Weather resistance is one of its key qualities. Don't worry if it rains or if the system gets wet. It will still power through all the elements thrown at it.

The Sound Cruiser can be attached to your boat and be used in all kinds of situations. Need to send a message to a mass amount of people but stuck in your car? Take a  look at the Sound Cruiser. It is a duel horn/PA system that can mount on the top of your vehicle to ensure that your voice will be heard.  Larry G. from the Kansas City area shared his experience with us.

"It rained continuously for 40 hours in varying amounts. When it became imperative to alert our campers of the flood warnings and the developing hazards the only way we had was to use the Sound Cruiser public address system. Lives and property may have been spared because of the alert. Some of the campers sheltering in their RV's had no idea of the rising waters. I relate this event because an integral part of our warning was the Sound Cruiser public address system."

AmpliVox offers a variety of Megaphones which can vary in use. They would make a great way to communicate with a water skier or other water vessels. All of the megaphones offer 20+ hours of talk time with some exceeding 40 hours. None of the megaphones exceed 2lbs so they are lightweight and portable.

We also offer products that would be great for music listening. What is better then kicking back in the sun, on the water, while listing to some great music, with all your friends. Bring the party to your water bound vessel with these AmpliVox products.

The Ipod Wireless PA System is a great choice for bring some of your favorite songs out on the water with you. It is battery powered so charge it and bring it out on the boat. Recharge your iPod while it is docked on the PA system. It also has a voice priority system built in, so if your are listening to music and talk into the mic the music will automatically lower in volume.

The Mity-Vox is a smaller alternative. If you have minimal space on your sailboat or speed boat this is the PA system you are looking for. It is smaller in size and it is very portable.  It still is powerful enough for your you and all your guests to hear.

These products can save your life and be the life of the party. Please visit Ampli.com to learn more about all of these products.

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