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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AmpliVox Powers "Modern Family" with Battery Powered Car PA System

Recently, the popular television show "Modern Family" had an episode titled "Election Day." The episode involves the quirky character Claire running for public office.

Naturally on election day, her campaign team needed a clear and powerful way to communicate their campaign message.  They turned to the Quad-Horn Sound Cruiser from AmpliVox Sound Systems.

During the episode, Cameron and Mitchell drive around town promoting Claire's campaign and also have a little fun with the crystal clear sound that the Sound Cruiser provides.

One of the best lines in the episode is after Cameron and Mitchell realize the awesome communication power of the Sound Cruiser and say,  
"It is an instrument of power!"

AmpliVox Powers 'Modern Family' from AmpliVox Sound Systems on Vimeo.

Throughout the episode, there are several clear shots of the S805 PA Amplifer and microphone that comes with the Sound Cruiser sitting on the dashboard.

The featured Sound Cruiser is a vintage one that bears witness to the long-lasting quality of AmpliVox PA Systems.  We believe in the superior quality of the Sound Cruiser so much that we back it up with an industry-leading 6 year warranty!

The Sound Cruiser is either powered with rechargeable batteries or with a DC car adapter, plugging into the cigarette lighter.

This is not the first time the Sound Cruiser has been in the public eye:
To view the full episode "Election Day" click on the link.

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