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Friday, March 18, 2011

Customer Testimonial on the Roving Rostrum Podium PA System

A lot of companies try anything they can do to get a customer testimoninal that some go to unethical ends and fabricate testimonials.

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We do not have that problem or temptation at Amplivox Sound Systems because many of our customers are so pleased with their Amplivox purchases that they write us to tell us how satisfied they are!

Here is a testimonial Amplivox employee Dan received via email from someone who purchased the older model of our Roving Rostrum PA System several years ago describing how happy they still are with their purchase.

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Dear Dan,

Time has past but am finally getting around to send a word of thanks for your help and sending me the new shockmount mic holder for our S122A portable sound system.

The Roving Rostrum S122A has been a wonderful and very useful system for us. We use it for our Gospel Meetings almost every Sunday. The hall we use seats 60 to 70 people and the S122A does a wonderful job for that many without the extra speaker.

The power and clarity it produces is exceptional. Thanks AmpliVox for
the great product.

RJ, Florence Oregon
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