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Friday, March 25, 2011

Former Officer of the Year Murdered

Former officer of the year Jayme Biendl was found strangled in a chapel at the Washington State Reformatory. She had previously complained about the security protocols currently being implemented.

According to The Seattle Times - "Corrections Office Jayme Biendl had complained repeatedly to supervisors about working alone in the chapel at the Monroe Correctional Complex. The 5-foot3, 130-pound officer also complained that security cameras in the area didn't work.
Late Saturday, her worst fears were realized when she was found strangled in the chapel, and a microphone cord was found near her post."

While it may not have prevented harm coming to Corrections Officer Biendl, in light of the tragedy that happened, it is important to have careful consideration in the technology being implemented in high security areas. Amplivox's thoughts and prayers go out to Jayme Biendl's family, friends and co-workers.