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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

VIDEO: Customer Reviews Amplivox Belt-Blaster on Youtube // Testimonial

It's always a good pat on the back to hear that you have done a good job with something.

One of our magician customers recently uploaded a video to Youtube to describe and review the Amplivox Belt-Blaster Personal PA System.

The video is shown here:

Here is another video from the same magician that shows off his talents (very cool!):  Here is a link to his Youtube channel (Jmagic17).

We recently have blogged about a clown that uses the Belt-Blaster Personal PA Sound System.  The versatility of this lightweight device is one of it's greatest strengths.  It is designed to be a waistband amplifier about the size of a small purse and is as easy-to-use as products come.  The headset and lapel mics plug in effortlessly for a plug-and-go operation.  This product is ideal for magicians, street-performers, tour guides, clowns, and musicians who want to extend their voice or music without dealing with a complicated device.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and a great remedy for communicators who hate scratchy voices!

For more information on the Belt-Blaster or any of our other products, please visit Amplivox Portable Sound Systems website.

Coming soon...a blog and a video about how the Belt-Blaster has helped a Blind Skier Organization!

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