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Friday, November 12, 2010

Social Media, Mid-Term Elections and Observations

As the mid-term elections wrap up around the country, one cannot help but notice that social media played some role in the elections. Although a candidates tweets and Facebook posts may or may not have driven up votes for he or she, the fact that candidates and their teams across the county opened Twitter accounts and started Facebook pages shows that candidates realized they needed to get in the social media game.

Being a Chicago based company in the 10th District, we had the privilege of having newly elected Congressman Robert Dold visit the office and warehouse in Northbrook, IL.

An article on Mashable was titled "Did Facebook Popularity Predict Election Results?" was very interesting showing a real correlation to the number of fans to who got elected.

If you didn't know, Amplivox has had some interesting relationships with politicians like Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk and Bob Dold. Click on this link to see how Amplivox is the company of choice for portable sound systems and lecterns to politicians. Below are some videos of Politicians using Amplivox products.

At least one thing can have Bipartisan support!