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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Future is Bright, and Should Include Coffee Pots Wired for Sound

At Amplivox, we daydream from time to time about new products we could put together that would make the lives of our customers easier. As we sit and put our brains to work, we come up with the strangest things. Here are two products we dreamed up for future use. Keep in mind that these products are not in production and are simply daydreamed ideas.

Introducing the Amplivox Coffee Pot/PA System.
This PA system is a great addition to any kitchen where busy mom's and dad's need to get the attention of the entire family for announcements during the hustle and bustle of the morning. This would also be great for announcing dinner and getting the attention of guests when food is prepared. This system comes with 30 watt speakers and the great microphone options that Amplivox has been known for. It has a 'Line Out' option to hook your Ipod or MP3 player and play your favorite music in the kitchen in the morning or while you cook. It also includes an AM/FM radio so you can listen to your favorite station in the morning. It also brews a great pot of coffee with a timer setting so you can set it up at night and wake up in the morning to a fresh pot of coffee. The timer can also be set to the radio so you smell the coffee, hear the radio, and boom you are awake!

Amplivox's "Get on Your Soapbox" Portable Podium
Are you tired of being told to 'get off your soapbox'? Amplivox now makes it possible to get on your soapbox and be heard loud and clear with the 'Get on Your Soapbox' Portable Podium. This podium comes with a soapbox built into the podium. All you have to do is get the soapbox out of its hidden compartment right before you speak and presto...you can speak and stand on your soapbox.

This podium is made of durable plastic and can easily be carried around. It has several wiring options and can even come with a wireless mic. The podium has the same options as all of our other podiums plus the 'soapbox'. It is a taller model to include your height while you are on your soapbox. When you are finished, you simply get off your soapbox and put it back in the hidden compartment until you are ready to jump back on at a later date.

A New Feature for our Hardwood Lecterns: The Laptop/Ipad Hider
This new feature offered by Amplivox hides your laptop or your Ipad inside the top of the lectern. You send us the dimensions of the hole you need and we well craft the top of the lectern just the way you want. No one wants to see your laptop during your presentation and with the Laptop Hider option, they don't have to. The Ipad hider is a nice option too. You can simply drop your Ipad into the lectern and have your Ipad hidden in the top of the lectern. No fumbling with notes, no dropped papers, a simple, organized solution so you can give your best presentation.

Now remember, these are just daydreams and not actual products. You will not find any of these products on our website. However, you will find some of these great products on our website: the Half-Mile Hailer, the Presidential Plus Lectern, and the Mity-Meg Megaphones. To order any of these great products, visit us at Ampli.com.