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Monday, November 29, 2010

Everything You Need to Know about the Half-Mile Hailer: Our Long-Range Portable PA System: Videos and Reviews

One of our most popular products at Amplivox is the Half-Mile Hailer Loudspeaker PA System, it can be heard an entire half mile away!

Below is a list of blog posts and other links that will tell you everything you need to know about the Half-Mile Hailer, our popular wide-range portable audio system:

Amplivox Sound Systems also sells a car-mountable version of the Half-Mile Hailer, called the Sound Cruiser Car PA System

Here are some links about the Sound Cruiser:
Enjoy the following four videos featuring the Half-Mile Hailer and Sound Cruiser!

The Hailer is a great PA Loudspeaker for your outdoor PA system needs. For information regarding the PA System design or if you want to see PA system reviews, please visit Amplivox Portable Sound Systems website or call us at (800)267-5486.