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Monday, November 08, 2010

Make a Good Impression on the First day of Work.

Anytime you have a career change or move to a new job, a new journey begins. We at Amplivox recently had a new member join our team. As he was touring the warehouse and meeting his new co-workers, I began thinking about my first day at Amplivox. I met my new coworkers, my social media teammate Kevin, and learned about Amplivox products. I learned about my responsibilities in a deeper context and began to see how I would fit in on the Amplivox team. It was the beginning to a new chapter in my work experience.

Those experiences were simply the exterior facts of the things I did. What is not mentioned is the interior feelings that everyone goes through in beginning a new job. Some of the same questions I had going into elementary school arose on my first day of work. Will I be liked? Will I like this new place? What will my teacher/boss be like? How will I fit in with my classmates/coworkers? Do I have what it takes to succeed here?

As these questions well up, people begin to react differently. Some are anxious, some are scared, some are quiet, others are calm and collected. However we react, those first days are important in making first impressions on people. Here are a few tips on making a good first impression:

1) Be On Time: Get your new job started on the right foot by being on time.
2) Be Yourself: You could try to act like someone else but that's not why they hired you. Just be yourself.
3) Smile: You have a job in an economy that isn't the hottest right now so be thankful.
4) Dress the part: Appearance is important when making a first impression. If you come overdressed to work on the first day, no worries. It shows you are serious about your work and want to succeed. You will learn what the dress code is.
5) Be Open and Confident: Be honest in your abilities and confident in the reasons they hired you. Coworkers can appreciate a fellow worker who is honest and confident in their abilities. Careful not to come off arrogant in attempts to be confident.
6) Don't be afraid of small talk: Although small talk can get old after a while, when you are meeting new team members it is good to get an idea of what they like and what points of interest you share.
7) Be Positive: No one likes a 'Debbie Downer' as their new coworker. Work hard and bring energy to the team.

These are just a few tips on making a good first impression. If you need to make a good impression with your sound system, check out Ampli.com for all your sound system and presentation needs.