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Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Amplivox Has Been Around So Long (almost 60 Years)

Amplivox Sound Systems started out as Perma Power in 1952.  Perma Power made a line of PA Systems named "Ampli-Vox".

Since then we have changed the name and direction of the company to continue making innovative PA systems under the name Amplivox.

(find out what the name Amplivox means)

How is it that we have been around so long??
  1. We make quality products that people need.
  2. We keep making innovations to our already great product line
  3. We have a solid track record
  4. We serve our customers
    • You always speak with a representative when you call us toll-free at (800)267-5486
The product pictured is the "Amplivox AV-PC Record and Cassette Player" that we sold several years ago.  Although we no longer sell this, it is a testament to our efforts to innovate and come out with new technologies.  We even have PA systems that can play with an iPod and iPhone.

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