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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ed BassMaster "Look at This" Youtube User Comments

Recently a well known YouTube comedian named Ed BassMaster posted a video using the Amplivox Sound Systems SW312 Sound Cruiser. Within a couple days the video received over 200,000 views. There has been an overwhelming consensus among his fans, wanting more videos featuring the Sound Cruiser.

Here are a couple comments posted by Edbassmaster Fans:

"You can do so much with the Sound Cruiser!! Can't wait for more!"
Youtube User: supremancy

"Lmao this is your funniest yet, keep it up Ed I want more of the sound cruiser!"
Youtube User: Jon95McC

"Awesome speakers"
Youtube User: bufothetoad1

"Love the Sound Cruiser... there is no one on YouTube funnier than you Edbassmaster :))"
Youtube User: mshockey73

"My eyes were gonna pop out when I saw the Sound Cruiser... man it's beyond laughter LOL"
Youtube User: wazzzup1234

Uploaded by eddbassmaster on Apr 2, 2011
Thanks to AmpliVox for sending me this awesome Sound Cruiser. We are gonna have some fun with this thing!!