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Monday, May 30, 2011

California Senators and Representatives Use Pinnacle Style Podium During Hearing

Back in February, a major legislature Bill came to the table in California calling for developed infrastructure that would help transport the citizens of California, with the idea of eventually helping the economy.  In such hard financial times, this is a contentious issue, and legislatures of California met to discuss the issue on February 23, 2011.

The LA Streets Blog had this to say about the event and bill:
"The dominant theme of the hearing was expanding and establishing federal financing programs to provide capital for major infrastructure projects such as Los Angeles’s 30/10 plan, an initiative to build 12 major transit projects in 10 years. The elected leaders and assembled experts lauded the proposed programs for their potential to rapidly stimulate job creation and economic growth."
The Federal Transportation Bill is the name of that bill dealing with emissions and improving transportation in the state of California.

To communicate their message with a professional appearance and full, rich sound, California's legislators turned to a durable podium with the Pinnacle style that is ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.  Amplivox's Pinnacle Podium offers a professional style to any presentation.

Did you know that Sarah Palin also used this style of lectern at a press conference?

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