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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Product Spotlight. New & Improved Half-Mile Hailer PA System, Now With A Siren!

As well as constantly introducing new products, Amplivox Sound Systems is continually looking to re-design and improve our existing products. The SW610A or Half Mile Hailer has been an Amplivox best seller since its introduction. Its simple, straight forward controls makes it easy for anyone to use. It's weather resistant tapered horn and amplifier allows you to be heard even in the rain. You can be heard clearly up to a half mile away (805 meters). Easily cover a football, baseball or soccer field which makes it ideal for large crowds and high noise environments.

Now with the addition of a siren you can be sure your noticed in an emergency situation. The loud siren will give your emergency response team or crowd control the advantage of grabbing the attention of anyone around. You will be able to give directions with ease and be able to gain control of the situation before it escalates.

Also help your school meet the No Child Left Behind Act with the Half Mile Hailer. Let Amplivox help you provide a safe learning environment.

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