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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tour Guide Tips: What Not to Use If You Are Guiding Tourists

Recently, the Amplivox Sound Systems Social Media Staff ran across a video of an Egyptian Tour Guide radio headphone system. The tour guide speaks into a microphone that transmits audio over the airwaves to each of the listeners on the tour.

The Amplivox Belt-Blaster Personal Waistband Amplifer is one of our products that can fill the same need of this tour in Egypt. 

(Click here to see YouTube Reviews and How-To Videos on the Belt Blaster)

What are the reasons the system in this video is not the way to go?
  1. Batteries. Constant upkeep on this system includes constantly be testing batteries for dozens of tour radio sets and the broadcasting kit, which is a lot of work. With the Belt-Blaster, you would need to test one set of batteries.
  2. Cost. To pay for dozens and dozens of headsets, batteries, and transmitters would quickly add up several times higher than the price of a Belt-Blaster.
  3. Repair/testing. Do you really want to be out on a tour when a customer's headset or radio breaks? Do you want to carry extras and mess with that? The Belt-Blaster removes that hassle that WILL happen.
  4. Sound Quality. At about 1:30 into the video, the narrator calls the sound quality just plain bad. The Belt-Blaster has rich and full sound and goes above background noise. Watch this video for proof: Belt-Blaster used by Tour Guide in Brugge, Poland
  5. Learning Curve. This could be confusing to explain to people not inept with technology. Blog Post: Is technology making old people irrelevant?