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Monday, May 02, 2011

China, Business Relationships, and Portable Sound Systems

Even with the best products and business practices, you still need strong relationships to succeed in any marketplace.

Differences in opinion, values and culture make it difficult for many companies to develop a positive relationship. Identifying and understanding differences allows people to shift their position to one of compromise and negotiation.

Amplivox Sound Systems has been selling portable sound systems, pa systems, computer and multimedia carts, sound lecterns and podiums, and many other reliable, easy to use products since 1952.

China is a country with a population with over 1 Billion. A lot of companies try tapping into the vast consumer market China has to offer. Recently AmpliVox CEO Don Roth went to China to visit several companies and explain the benefit Amplivox products bring to China and their companies. Here he shares some of his experiences:
“It was a productive trip, It didn't start out very good. I took the China ferry from Shenzhen but the gentleman who was supposed to accompany me failed to show up. He was going to help me visit several different plants but he eventually called and said he was stuck in traffic.

You need to meet people and companies that deal with us. We wound up visiting several plants. That are at different stages of development, with different factories, that build different products.

Many call Hong Kong, Ameri-China. It is a relationship (China/US) that is growing more and more dependent and it’s been very good for both economies. You can’t break off the yokes of totalitarianism into freedom without a viable economy. The growth is giving them a better opportunity to vocalize.

At the end of the trip, with my host and guide (who is not very good with directions) we went to four cities in addition to Hong Kong. The roads are brand new! Very successful meetings, good people. The trip was 5 days. We ate real Chinese dinner, lots of fish.”

Do you live outside the United States and want to buy one of our SW915 Audio Travel Partners, SW223 Wireless Audio Portable Buddy, Megaphones or any of our other great products? Amplivox also ships internationally so be sure to ask your sales rep about international shipping rates.

Here are 10 types of differences that may hinder business relationships:

- Communication Styles
- Non-Verbal Communication
- Learning Styles
- Differing Values
- Boundaries
- Self Needs
- Company Culture
- Culture of the Country
- Family Culture
- Individual vs. Team

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