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Friday, December 31, 2010

15 New Year's Resolutions as Suggested by Amplivox

This post lists some of Amplivox Sound Systems resolutions for the New Year. Fifteen is a lot, hopefully we can keep most of them!

1. Continue giving back
(Click here to see blogs labeled "Amplivox Cares")

2. Keep up on World Events (The Tale of the Chilean Miners and a Brilliant Marketing Move, Earthquake Preparation Drill: US ShakeOut)

3. Keep Learning things new about what I do. To do this I will find great blogs and books to read and good people to learn from. Also going to trade shows (like the Grainger Total MRO Solutions Trade Show) to keep up to date with new products and technologies.

4. Work on Weaknesses, Strengthen Strengths. Doing this well will help you increase productivity. Amplivox strives to continue to produce and develop new innovative digital audio products and integrate new technologies into our lecterns, podiums, and wide range of portable PA systems.

5. Be more prepared for the unexpected. (Using Portable Sound Systems in Emergency Planning)

6. Avoid pitfalls and potential dangers in my industry and try to avoid them: Technology making old people irrelevant, Top 10 Ways to Fry your PA Speakers,

7. Strive to Achieve maximum customer satisfaction by listening and responding in a timely manner.

8. Journal what happens in life. It can be fun to look back and reminisce things you normally would have forgotten if you hadn't written down. It is also a good place to vent and clear you mind.

9. Exercise more/Play more sports. Maybe do a Triathlon (click on the link to read about Amplivox Sound Systems supporting Ironman Triathlons, Amplivox Sound Systems suggested for Sports/Recreation Market)

10. Stay up to date in Politics. With big changes in health care coming our way the next few years, it is important to stay informed with political happenings. (Click on the politician's name to see how they have supported Amplivox: Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Bob Dold, Mark Kirk)

11. Manage stress well -- Check back to our blog to see tips to live stress free.

12. Be more Environmentally Friendly (Click here to read 7 Tips for Going Green, Amplivox Going Green Efforts)

13. Become a better public speaker. A great way to build confidence in the public speaking arena is to join a local Toastmasters.

14. Be more positive -- "I'd rather be positive about everything and always wrong than be negative about everything and always be right."

15. Follow 1-14! Most resolutions do not get kept. Only 61% last a month, and only 46% after the six month mark.

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Leave a comment!