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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Teacher Feedback on Amplified Classrooms

Recently you many remember seeing our blog post about the benefits of a classroom amplified with a sound system. I started a discussion on Classroom 2.0 (a discussion board for educators) and thought the following quotes were worth sharing:
  • Robert said, "Most of the classrooms at my school have them. Most of the teachers prefer them. They usually have 2 mics one for teacher and one to share for students..."
  • Joanne said, "We used this in our classroom and the results were amazing. The students behaved better and we were able to directly pinpoint it to the use of the mic/speaker. Cost is definitely an issue, just like anything else. Classrooms with students with special needs are able to get the resources more than a classroom with out students with special needs, but where there is a will there is a way."
  • Mitch said, "I have used sound systems for over 30 years. There is actually much greater opportunity to modulate your voice with a sound system than when you are trying to make sure the person in the last row can hear you. Have your teachers (and students) observe comedians, newscasters, and Discovery Channel narrators. With just a little thought and practice, an amplified voice can add a whole new dimension to a presentation."
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    Here's our video on the benefits of an amplified classroom if you missed it:
    The nice thing about an Amplivox Portable Sound System is that it can be used for a variety of purposes. Some classroom systems are stuck in the classroom permanently: Amplivox systems are portable systems that can be battery-operated and used in a variety of school events: recreation (physical education and sports), school assemblies, teacher meetings, ESL classrooms, and any other setting where you want your voice to be heard loud and clear.

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