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Monday, August 01, 2016

SW245 Power Pod PA With Digital Media Player and FM Radio

Imagine a PA system you can carry in one hand, yet is powerful enough to reach 300 people with crystal clear sound. Imagine a PA system with wireless capability that lets you stand 100 feet away from the unit yet still be clearly heard.

The AmpliVox SW245 Power Pod PA packs 50 watts of power into a unit weighing less than six pounds.

Yet it is loaded with features such as the ability to play recorded audio from an SD card or a thumb drive.

Loaded with a media player that gives you the ability to play recorded audio from a SD card or a USB thumb drive and includes FM radio with remote control.

You can even record a presenter’s speech that is spoken into the microphone onto the thumb drive. The media player and FM radio is accessible by either using the control panel on the unit or the remote control.

Includes a lapel microphone, headset microphone, bodypack transmitter and a handheld wireless microphone with built-in transmitter.

The wireless microphone has a range that allows the presenter to stand up to 100 feet away from the PA system while speaking.

Built-in single channel VHF receiver in the unit allows for only one wireless microphone to be used at a time.

Optional wired microphone can be plugged into the Power Pod PA to allow for dual presenters, with one presenter speaking from the wired microphone and the second presenter speaking from the wireless microphone.

The unit runs up to 8 hours off its internal rechargeable battery or AC power or DC power.

A full set of controls include:

There is also a complete set of recorder and playback controls on the media player.
The AmpliVox Power Pod PA ships complete:

It also includes a carrying case with pockets for accessories.

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