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Thursday, September 27, 2012

AmpliVox Launches "The 12 for 12/2013!" New Product Line Up

We are very pleased to announce "The 12 for 12/2013!" product line-up, 12 new products that dramatically expand our capabilities as a premier audio equipment provider. The new products include elegant lecterns and podiums, high-tech public safety sound systems and versatile audio products to enhance multi-media presentations. This is the largest expansion of our line in our 60-year history, and we are very excited to share it with you.
“Sound system technology has taken another dramatic paradigm leap,” commented CEO Don Roth. “It’s our mission at AmpliVox to make the best presentation and sound amplification systems available to our customers. We are constantly striving to make our products simple, versatile, and easy to operate so that anyone can use them with a minimal learning curve.”
The leading products of our expansion effort fall into three main categories. Click the name of each product to review a detailed PDF:
AmpliVox’s Radio Hailer, for school and corporate application, enables emergency responders to coordinate efforts and issue crowd instructions from up to a mile away.

Lecterns: AmpliVox has added to its most popular podiums with:
Acrylic Lecterns- Unique design with 14 choices in clear or tinted.
Euro-Contemporary Lecterns- Contoured, modern designs in a selection of upscale finishes.
Pinnacle Lecterns- Classic, versatile lecterns formed in durable, lightweight hard shell plastic and available in an assortment of colors and in tabletop size.
Visionary Lecterns- Dynamic presentation vehicle with breakthrough design that includes an integrated 17-inch LCD screen for Power Point, photo, or logo displays.  Use your laptop for instant content updates.

Public Safety: AmpliVox continues to be a leader in the emergency management industry with new products that improve communication, crowd control, and efficiency in emergency situations, including:
The Radio Hailer- A groundbreaking system that links emergency personnel to leadership through a combination of MURS handheld radios and loudspeaker stations.
The Emergency Strobe Mity-Meg- AmpliVox’s powerful 10-Watt megaphone fully outfitted for safety with strobe light, siren, whistle, talk, and record/playback functions.

Multi-Media: AmpliVox offers a range of products designed to make multi-media presentations easy and seamless, including:
Line Array Speaker- Three varieties of compact 30-watt stereo speakers with passive, wired or wireless mics. Designed for use with whiteboards and flat panel displays.  2U rackmount sized for carts and lecterns.
Our Compact Line Array Speaker
Wireless Multimedia Amplifier- Standard 50 watt stereo amplifier now upgraded from 2-channel VHF frequency to 16-channel UHF receiver compatibility with wireless mic frequency spectrum from 584 to 608 MHz.
Mity-Box Speaker-- A compact passive or amplified speaker for small venues, including classrooms and meeting rooms.
Multimedia Computer Lecterns- Attractive lecterns to support and store multiple devices for multimedia presentations, including a rack-mount amplifier and data ports.
Powered Desk/Wall Mount Stereo Computer Speaker- Crystal clear sound with wired connections.
iPod Adapter Cable- A single split-cable design that allows users to power and play iPods simultaneously.

To learn more about the exciting new developments in our product line, visit http://www.ampli.com/. If you have specific questions and would like to speak to us directly, give us a call at (800) 267-5486.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 100 Education Blog Posts and Links for Teachers

AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems loves educators and students alike and produce many products perfect for educators including:
After looking through our bookmarks and seeing a bunch of really helpful blog posts for educators, we thought we would throw them into a blog post and share with the educational community:

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Technology and Social Media in Education

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Infographics on Education

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Resources for Teaching

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AmpliVox Digital iPod Listening Center
49. Mashable: 100+ Online Resources that are Transforming Education

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52. TeachHub: 65 Interactive Whiteboard Resources

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Awesome EduBlogs from Real Teachers!

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iPod Portable PA System
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The Importance of Education

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Video Games in Education

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Fun Stuff
91. EdTechDigest 50 Fascinating Edupreneurs

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100. Education Week: 10 Tips for Selecting the Best Educational Video Games

What is the most helpful link? What should we add?  Share in a comment!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

AmpliVox Attends Stampede's "Big Book of AV Tour 2012" in Detroit

AmpliVox attended Stampede’s “The Big Book of AV Tour 2012” in Detroit, Michigan on September 13th. The tradeshow, which was held at the Sheraton Detroit, was one stop in a nationwide tour that drew local audio-visual dealers to meet with some of the nation’s largest manufacturers in the industry, including Sony, LG, Sharp and Mitsubishi, as well as learn about new product offerings. Find out what we had on display after the break.

AmpliVox's new Line Array Speaker

AmpliVox was represented by account executive Dan Kreusch, who hosted a booth that showcased several AmpliVox products. Among them was the new Line Array Speaker, which has the flexibility to provide sound as an attachment for interactive whiteboards in classrooms and business settings, or as a standalone PA system for smaller venues. 
The S1732 iPod Charger/Adapter
utilizing our SW805 amp

The S1732 iPod Cable and Adapter Kit was another exciting product on hand, which enhances the capabilities of AmpliVox’s lecterns and speakers by providing an easy method to play music off your Apple mobile device (while it automatically charges!). Better yet, this adapter kit is no additional cost to dealers.

According to Kreusch, “The show was a great opportunity to showcase some exciting products and meet with local dealers, from owners to systems installers, who often are unable to attend bigger tradeshows like InfoComm and CES. Like Stampede, AmpliVox values any opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with our dealers.”

The “Big Book of AV Tour” is part of a larger effort by Stampede to provide regional tradeshows for smaller, local dealers so they can meet with manufacturers directly and learn about new products and opportunities. Stampede’s “Big Book of AV” is an online resource designed to help buyers select the right audio and video equipment for their needs. If you would like to view the book, which features several AmpliVox products, head to bigbookofav.com.

For the latest AmpliVox updates, follow us on Twitter @AmpliVox and like our Facebook page.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lectern Etiquette: 13 of the Best Suggestions for Speeches

Ever get nervous or worry about what you look like when you are presenting? Have a big presentation, speech, or proposal coming up?

Don't worry! 

Just read these tips and you will pass with flying colors.

Here are some tips to maintain a professional look and nail the presentation.

1. Do not lean on the Lectern. It makes you look uncomfortable as a speaker. Stand straight up with good posture to maintain a professional look.

2. Eliminate any habits that take the attention of yourself (the speaker). Do not fiddle with a pen or any other object. Fiddling with something shows you are nervous. Be yourself and look confident.

3. Men, have your suit coat buttoned up when approaching the lectern. If your need to unbutton it while you are presenting that is fine. But, it is proper to have your suit coat buttoned up when you are announced.

4. Do not free walk or pace without a purpose. Move to demonstrate or emphasize a point. Moving without purpose will take away from you as a presenter and cause your audience to loose focus.

5. Thank the person who introduced you. It is proper, shows good manners, and will make a good first impression on your audience. It will make you look better and it will open a gait way to starting your speech.

6. Rehearse your speech. It makes you look confident, will insure that you will not stutter, and will help your nerves. You do not need to memorize your speech word for word. Just remember your key points and the order they are in.

7. Make eye contact. It will help direct attention to an individual and will give you cues to improve your speech. It will also personalize the presentation to everyone you make eye contact with.

8. Use gestures, looks, and sounds to elaborate a point. Volume and physical movement will place emphasis on a point in your speech. If a point in your speech is important raise the volume of your voice and throw in some hand gestures.

9. The closing line of your speech should not be thank you. It is not proper to end your presentation in "thank you". (See tip number 10 for how to close out a speech)

10. Use lines like I will now turn it over to (blank) to end your speech. It properly ends your speech and sounds professional. This will create a good last impression on your audience and will end the presentation in an original way.

11. Do not use a verbal or physical crutches. Habits such as hands in your pockets, jingling change, using words like "um" and "uh" can take away from your speech. It shows that your are nervous and do not know your speech well. It is more professional to leave these habits out.

12. Do not apologize for a mistake. It is unprofessional and is not good presenting etiquette. Most people will not even recognize if you mess up. Continue on in your presentation like nothing happened.

13. Be polite and courteous to your audience. It is implied to be kind to your audience, it will let them feel like you care about your presentation and them.

Here are some Lecterns that make your presentation even better:

The Executive Column Wood Lectern has a great professional look. With optional sound which allows your voice to be heard thought the room. It comes in four different wood finishes to fit your every need.

We also offer Acrylic Lecterns. These lecterns have a contemporary look and would look great in any room. They are lightweight so they can be moved from room to room with ease.

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