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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Introducing the Revolutionary Wireless Two Way Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System!

New Product Spotlight: The Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System

Several months ago, AmpliVox was approached by a major finance institution that wanted a powerful portable PA system that could be spoken through from a far distance for emergency drilling at their office in New York.

This special project got us thinking,

"If we can produce such a useful and innovative product for one company, why not make it available to all?"

AmpliVox Sound Systems has been hard at work developing a new piece of technology for emergency planners, school officials, and others who need to coordinate with large groups of people in large outdoor areas.

The Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System incorporates a powerful horn amplifier with a pair of two-way radios that allow a speaker to be over one mile away from the PA system and still project their voice through it.  

This system runs on 10 D Cell batteries and the two way radios run on AA batteries, making this system completely portable and perfect for outdoor activities or emergency situations.

The Radio Hailer SW6220 is called the "Command Control Center" which lives up to its name and allows users to control their sound with two speakers with tripods and a handy carrying case.

This is a great system for Corporate Safety Teams, Police, Fire, and EMS professionals.

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