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Friday, February 10, 2012

Local High School Marching Band Uses AmpliVox Loudspeaker and PA Systems for Outdoor Parade

In late November last year, a local high school marching band marched in the Holiday in the Park Parade in Glenview, IL.

Before the Parade began, the AmpliVox iPod Wireless PA System gave the large courtyard a festive spirit playing several holiday classics. It is also a great system for a parade float due to its wireless microphone, built in rechargeable battery, and remote control.

An onlooker mentioned they thought the sound was coming from the school's external PA system and how the booming sound from the iPod Wireless PA system impressed them and filled the entire area, creating a festive atmosphere.

To direct cars and parade participants to their proper places, a parade official used the AmpliVox Safety Strobe Megaphone which features an emergency siren and a whistle. The record-and-playback features make this a great partner for people trying to communicate an emergency message.

The band director used a Half-Mile Hailer with wireless microphone to direct his band while they were playing. It was a great companion for him because he was easily able to communicate above the large crowd and random noises without needing to be close to the lightweight system.

Another product that would be great for a parade is the Sound Cruiser Car PA system.

For more information on AmpliVox Sound Systems that would be great for marching bands or parades, please visit Ampli.com or call (800)267-5486.

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