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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

iPhone Streaming Videos through Sound System

Smartphones are changing the way we live.

No longer do smartphone users have to do things like Mapquest directions, look through a phone book, wait until they have a computer for a face-to-face digital conversation, or have to wait for a computer to use Facebook and Twitter.

New technologies are changing the way people listen to music too.  People do not purchase hard copy CDs as much as they used to but stream music through their smartphone.

Now they also change the way we party.  

AmpliVox is finding that many of our customers who buy the  AmpliVox iPod Portable PA System desire to use their smartphones to play music through the sound system.  It is a convenient way to please everybody and take turns choosing songs and not have to plan a playlist.

The iPod System or the Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System are great DJ Alternative Systems.  The iPod Portable PA System was used at a party recently (pictured) that included playing musical chairs and dancing to the music. 

The remote control pause button added a fun dimension and many laughs for the participants.  The 30 watts allowed the rich and clear sound to travel and fill the entire room with music and voice when talking through the microphone, something a standard boombox dreams of.

Another application for this product would be karaoke because you can sing over music and also play DVDs with the built in DVD player.  Connect a projector through the line out, and you have a big screen Karaoke player!

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