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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Want Live Sound for your Parade Float? Try an AmpliVox Portable Sound System

The Sound Cruiser by AmpliVox is the mountable version of the Half-Mile Hailer that is great for any vehicle: car, truck, police car, bus, etc!

It is a PA System that easily straps on the roof and projects crisp and clear sound.  Plug in an external device or just greet those around you with the microphone (wireless mic is available).

Sound Cruiser YouTube Video
How to Set up the Sound Cruiser

YouTube Comedian Edbassmaster did a video called "Look at This" with the Sound Cruiser that now has over 800,000 views!!!

Other great items for a parade are:
--iPod Portable PA System
--Mity-Meg Megaphone
--Mity-Lite PA System
--Mity-Vox Personal PA System

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