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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

iPod Listening Center Meets 4 Key Components for Learning through Technology

In a recent article on reasons for integrating technology in the classroom, the writer described four key components of learning through technology.

One of AmpliVox's most innovative and dynamic products for use in education is the iPod School Listening Center which dynamically integrates the four key components of tech learning:

1. Active Engagement
A benefit of the iPod School Listening Center is that students are able to be actively engaged.  With personal headphones blocking out all outside noises and distractions, students are able to focus intently on the listening activity.  Just like watching TV can help engagement, Listening Centers engage students while giving them an experience much like having a private tutor.

2. Participation in Groups

Listening Centers provide a unique opportunity to engage a group of students.  Whether it be reading along to an audio book, testing critical listening skills, or doing a custom activity, listening centers are a useful tool for propelling student-to-student interaction and learning.

3. Frequent Interaction and Feedback
Some areas of study like language learning and special education spend more time on auditory listening skills due to the nature of study.  This provides students an opportunity to hear a native speakers have a conversation and helps students learn the best way possible--experiencing real life.

Listening Centers are an amazing tool for testing as well.  It could be easy as making a playlist with audio recordings and a worksheet with questions to capture the level of student understanding.

4. Connection to Real-World Experts
The sky is the limit with connecting students to real world experts.  With the wealth of free materials online, connecting your students to experts can be cheaper than you thought!  Before, you would have to pay top dollar to go to a conference or buy expensive materials.  In the digital age, many libraries offer audio book downloads from the comfort of your home!

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