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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AmpliVox Mity-Meg Megaphones Review

MityMeg Plus

It works well, lighter than the old voice coil megaphones we had which kept cutting out.

The "detachable" microphone is the only microphone, and is not detachable completely - it clips on the back where the mike is on a regular megaphone for normal use, but you can detach it from there if you're in a fixed location and want to put the megaphone down and use the handheld microphone. There is not a separate built-in microphone on the back, and you cannot completely detach the one microphone.

The battery level feature is good, but inconvenient - instead of being in back where you see it every time you use the megaphone it's on the side so you have to remember to look at it while pressing down the talk button.

The switch between off and the two sound effects is a simple slide switch, it would be better if it were momentary for the sound effects so you have to hold it one way or the other to get the sound effects, right now you have to slide it to the sound effect and then slide it back.

But overall it works well, sound is clear, and it has nice features like Velcro to keep the batteries locked down in the battery holder.

 25-Watt MityMeg Megaphone

This is a great megaphone all the way around. The ceramic pick-ups/amplifiers make the unit lightweight and give it a battery life many times longer than the older magnet pick-up style megaphones. I don't know why all megaphones being made now don't have this technology -- the high end magnet-style units cost the same amount and often more.

There are three other features that I really like about this megaphone that other smaller and slightly cheaper ones don't have.

First, it has a trigger on/of switch at the top of the handle, making it perfect for one-handed use. It does have whistle and siren features if you need them, but they are accessed independently of the on-off trigger switch. (I really like that)

Second, it has an easily adjustable dial volume switch on the back that can be toggled with the thumb of the same hand using the megaphone -- also perfect for one-handed use.

Third, it has an internal gain adjustment dial. This is ideal for performance and recording, because it allows a little variation in distortion. Just be careful not to adjust the gain to high if you're going to be talking loudly into it or, naturally, you'll get feedback.

Other nice features:
-Battery strength indicator LED lights which show Low, Mid, and Hi.
-Removable rubber cone protector that keeps the end of the bell from being scuffed when set down.

The 25W megaphone has every feature I was looking for: internal microphone, trigger on/off talk switch, adjustable gain, volume thumb-toggle dial, long battery life, lightweight, and above all, excellent sound quality. I'm an actor/musician, and I purchased the S602 megaphone for performance use and it fits my needs perfectly. I've even used it for crowd control while filming a scene with lots of extras.

~Testimonials Courtesy of Amazon reviews.

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