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Friday, November 25, 2011

Table Top Lecterns: The Ultimate Guide

 What kind of table top lectern do you need?
  • Plastic, wooden, acrylic?
  • A folding, travel-friendly tabletop lectern?
  • With a built-in sound system?
  • With wireless microphone options?
  • Able to plug into external sound system?
  • Lightweight, rugged plastic casing or a modern stylish design?
  • With optional cart base?
AmpliVox has a wide range of  table top lecterns and podiums to meet any of your needs.
Table top lecterns are the most portable lecterns that we provide. With their light weight design, built in sound system, and durable wood finish, they will work great in an office, banquet setting, school, or government office (we even accept GSA Contracts).

1. The Portable Table Top Lectern is a great multipurpose lectern that comes with a Media Cart. It comes with a table top lectern. But, it also comes with a matching wood media cart. The function of the media cart is to turn the table top lectern into a full lectern. This model offers a built in sound system, two choices of wood grain finishes, and four rolling casters.

2. The EZ Speak Folding Lectern is another table top lectern we offer. This lectern can fold up for optimal portability. It also comes with a carrying handle, built in sound system, and a four different wood finishes to choose from. Don’t let your presentation get stuck in one room, go mobile.

3. The Travel Lectern is the next up. Think of this as the relative of the EZ Speak Folding Lectern. This sturdy lectern is made from oak and is space efficient. Pinched for space? This table top lectern folds up and is a great travel companion. Its design allows for it to be converted from a standard table top lectern, to a space saving wonder, with ease.

4. The Pinnacle Table Top Lectern is made of recycled materials. Its lightweight design, rounded edges, and durability make it great for presentations outside your office. Use it everywhere you go!

5. The Victoria Solid Wood Table Top Lectern is another popular choice. This lectern shows true elegance and works great for a local business, presentations, or board meetings. It also comes in five different wood finishes.

6. Roving Rostrum Podium is an option as well. This portable PA system is made of hard shell plastic, perfect for constant on the go speaking. It’s easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to hear. With its Omni Directional speakers you can give your audience the sound volume and quality all in one package.

7. The Clear Acrylic Tabletop Podium Stand is the final table top lectern we offer. It features a extra wide reading surface for notes or books. Its curved front edge and modern design give a professional look.  It is the clear choice. 

All these lecterns provide portability, durability, and the Amplivox brand name.

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