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Monday, October 31, 2011

Custom Mountable Horn Speaker Systems: Alternative to Paging Systems

Do you need an outdoor mountable horn speaker system for your restaurant, school, or organization?

AmpliVox Sound Systems allows you to custom build a mountable speaker system that easily installs on a wall, ceiling or on the ground both indoor or outdoors.  You can easily project your voice and message or music to your customers in style. 

They allow the optimal customability for users so they are not hindered by design, size, or space issues.  Pick and choose up to four speakers or horns (using two Y-Connectors) and mount them wherever you want to project your sound.

The horns have a very wide range while the companion speakers are stylish and better suited for music and other types of audio with a wider frequency.

Some of our horn and paging speakers are weatherproof and ideal for outdoor situations.

The wireless microphone makes speaking through the speakers easy to use through the SW805A Amplifier.  The amplifier is battery-powered or can be plugged in using AC power for convenience.  The surface mount speaker has optional mounting brackets for hanging and placement as ceiling speakers.

These quality loudspeakers come preassembled and are a versatile alternative to guest paging systems with a variety of different uses.  Although not used as in wall speakers, installing these speakers with wall mounts is easy.  Take the speakers/horns off of their wall mounts to post onto a tripod for extra utility during public speaking presentations.

Use it as an intercom to call waiting customers to their table, for the concierge to call waiting guests, for the valet to communicate to others, or to play music in a restaurant.

The SW805A 50 Watt Multimedia Stereo Amplifier allows users to use the line in port to use an iPod, CD player, LCD projector, or a computer through the system while the line out port allows presenters to record their presentation while they speak.  The different mic inputs available allow for any type of microphone you want; dynamic mic, wireless or condenser mic and allows users to control volume.

Do you wish to create the best acoustics in your wall speakers? For tips on optimal placement of these speakers, please look at our “Presentation Environment Tips.” 

  • Wall Mounting Speaker Horn Mount
  • Car-Top Twin and Quad Horn Speakers
  • Horn Speaker
  • Top Mount Horn Speakers
  • Wall Mounting Speaker Bracket
  • Dual Module Companion Speaker
Other great venues for one of these systems includes a nightclub, bar and lounge, coffee house, café, hotel, casino, golf course, banquet hall, grocery store, or a state or national park.  These are also an optimal PA system for outdoor sporting events sports complexes.  Have your football, baseball, lacrosse, and track and field announcers use our system to clearly project instructions, game play-by-play, and race results.
Whether you live in Boston, MA, Polk, FL, or on Mirage Ave, AmpliVox has a solution for you.  Call (800) 267-5486 for more information or recommended packages for your situation.

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