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Monday, October 10, 2011

Battery-Powered Megaphone with Detachable Mic Review from Google

I searched long and hard for the best megaphone to buy. I didn't need it for any sort of emergency situation or for a construction site...I needed it for my band. Our singer uses it for some of our songs. We can be quite noisy too, so I needed something super loud that could be hand held. The main problem i ran into was that anything over 25Watts was a shoulder mounted monstrosity. I cant vouch for the scientific what not of their "piezo" technology, but this guy is REALLY loud. It's also the perfect size to hold. It also has the battery indicator on the side (i think this was the only model with that) which is super important considering it's use (and the fact that it uses so many batteries, though no more than other models).....Overall, the best megaphone I could find after extensive research. 
--Found on Google

Video: AmpliVox Megaphone Demonstration