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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Lady Needs an Adjustable Height Lectern!

The woman behind the lectern is obviously way too short to reach the top of the podium to speak into the microphone.

I'm sure she felt embarrassed and probably had a hard time communicating her message clearly because her audience was undoubtedly distracted and might have had to strain to hear the voice of this woman because she could not reach the microphone.

They should have used an AmpliVox Adjustable Height Lectern.

What are the benefits of an AmpliVox Adjustable Height Lectern?
  1. You do not need to worry about having presenters of various sizes.
  2. You can rest assured that you will not embarrass speakers like in this photo!
  3. You have many microphone options: gooseneck hot mic, wireless options (lapel, collar, headset, handheld mics).
  4. You are able to move the lecterns effortlessly.
  5. You will look good with AmpliVox's professional, elegant lecterns.

Adjustable wooden lecterns available:
  1. W330- Expediter Adjustable Lectern and Notes Stand -- This tiny note stand is a great option for a wide variety of presenters and is perfect for public speaking classes and classrooms.
  2. S505a- Executive Adjustable Sound Column Lectern -- This is our most stylish and professional adjustable height lectern.  Click here to see a video on this lectern

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