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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Portable PA Systems, Lecterns, Pulpits, Audio Speakers with Industry Leading Warranty

One thing that makes AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems beat  the competition is the great care we take of our customers.  Not only will you always speak with a live person when you call us, but when you purchase an AmpliVox product, you have the peace of mind of knowing it comes with a great warranty.

All of our lecterns and portable sound systems have at least a one-year warranty, with most electronics coming with an industry leading six year warranty.  Our computer cart warranty is a lifetime warranty which ensures that your investment in quality products is a safe one.

If you have any questions on your AmpliVox warranty, do not hesitate to call us at 1800-AmpliVox or email us.

To register the warranty for  your AmpliVox product please click on the previous link or send us one of the cards featured in the picture.

More Information from our Frequently Asked Questions Page:

1. How long is the AmpliVox warranty?
We have an outstanding Six year limited warranty, the best in the industry, on electronics for all systems with the AmpliVox S/SW805A 50 Watt Multimedia Amplifier, and the Digital Audio Travel Partner 250 Watt PA System. One year limited warranty on electronics for MityMeg® Megaphones, BeltBlaster Waistband Amplifier, and MityVox® Products.
2. Who will service my AmpliVox sound system?
During our six-year warranty period, AmpliVox Sound Systems will make all evaluations and repairs at our Northbrook, IL location. Once a warranty has expired AmpliVox can still provide service at a very reasonable cost.