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Friday, July 15, 2011

Portable PA System Testimonial/Review from Beach Lifeguard. Works well at Pool Too!

Here is a testimonial we received reviewing the Half-Mile Hailer Loudspeaker PA System:

Better Than Others!
from Jim Wilson from East Harbor State Park, Ohio 

"Our lifeguards use the Half-Mile Hailer all along the beach. It's much more effective than any bullhorns we've ever used in the past."

Whether you work at a pool or a beach, there are times where you need to project your voice over the crowd and the noise of the waves.  The Half-Mile Hailer PA System will do that up to one half mile, indoors and outdoors!

View our YouTube Playlist of the Half-Mile Hailer with demonstrations, reviews, and interesting uses of the Hailer.

The first picture includes the Half-Mile Hailer Loudspeaker Kit.
The second picture is of a YMCA lifeguard with one of our megaphones