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Friday, July 01, 2011

Technology in the Classroom Video | Science and Technology in School

Do you feel like your students aren't listening to you?  Do you need a new way to communicate to your students?

This video called, "Top 10 Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom" and lives up to its name, giving great tips to use emerging technologies that can help any teacher communicate to their students.

Do you struggle finding a good answer to these questions: What is technology that can help me teach? What is good technology for learning? What is my teaching strategy with these future technologies?

Communication technologies, technology in the classroom, learning technology and teaching strategy are all buzz-words in the education industry.  But I bet you did not know that amplifying school classrooms with speakers and microphones for the teachers statistically helps learning.  For more information click on How Amplified Classrooms Benefit Everybody.

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