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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Tale of the Chilean Miners and a Brilliant Marketing Move

One of the biggest heartwarming news stories in a long time is the tale of the Chilean miners who were freed after being trapped below the surface of the earth for months.

It is also big news how sunglasses manufacturer Oakley provided sunglasses to protect the miners' eyes as they came up.¹ This compassionate marketing ploy is estimated to give Oakley $41 MILLION in exposure.

So that got me thinking...what if Amplivox donated products to help the cause?² What would they be?

Here are a couple of ideas I had:

Half-Mile Hailer: The Half-Mile Hailer is one of our most popular products as the many testimonies prove (testimony 1, testimony 2). The first miner could have sent this down for the next miner to come up, so that they could be heard loud and clear from a half-mile away with this powerful portable sound system.

Pinnacle Lectern: For the press conferences that are bound to happen eventually, the miners will want a professional sound lectern. Our Pinnacle Lectern would be a good addition.

Belt-Blaster Pro: Many of the miners were so thankful for the help they received that they went around hugging and personally thanking everyone who helped rescue them. For the others, they could have just used a Belt-Blaster to communicate their message.
Although I'm not sure if this happened it would generate $41 million in exposure for Amplivox, it is fun to think about.

² This is assuming the Chilean miners were not already Amplivox customers after seeing our Sound Comparison Guide in Spanish: (Guia del Sonido ComparaciĆ³n).