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Sunday, October 24, 2010

How Amplified Speaker Systems in Classrooms Benefit Everybody / Technology in Education

A little while back we posted a brief blog entry about how using PA audio systems in classrooms can greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of education and in turn improving productivity. We have since made a video describing benefits and how Amplivox can help.

The following groups of students have benefited greatly using amplified classrooms:

The Institute for Enhanced Classroom Hearing says students with normal hearing can greatly benefit from Amplified Classrooms:

"Even a 'normal' hearing child can miss as much as 1/3 of what teachers say due to poor acoustics... children with 'normal' hearing experienced an increase in test scores across the board [when in amplified classroom]..."
The graphic on the left illustrates just one way how students benefit from amplified classrooms.

What do teachers say?
Teachers are proponents of amplified classrooms not only for their students but for themselves as well. Studies have shown that Amplified Classrooms:
Reduced vocal fatigue
Improved Classroom Management
Greater Mobility

Check out these statistics from teachers:

  • 91% of teachers agreed that they needed to raise their voices less often using amplification
  • 100% agreed that it is easier to get the attention of the whole class
  • 100% agreed (64% strongly agreed) Teachers spend less time managing behavior and more time focusing on the curriculum (Above statistics found on page 7 of this study)

Here is a full list of all of the resources we used:

Click on the images below to learn more about our recommended products to amplify your voice and classroom: