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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amplivox Green: Our Environmental Efforts Go Above and Beyond

Amplivox Sound Systems prides itself in having high quality products for the best value around. A part of that value is knowing that the production process for your product did not harm the environment. From environment friendly packaging to post consumer materials used in our products we are striving to reduce, reuse and recycle to conserve energy for the future.Our initiative to go green has gotten some great coverage and we wanted to share the news here all in one blog. You'll find all of our Green info and coverage of Amplivox going green here.

We start with our lecterns and podiums. The wood used for our lecterns and podiums is "Forest Friendly" - No trees are cut to produce Amplivox products! Recovered and recycled post-industrial wood residues are used, which helps to stretch forest resources. Composite wood panels made with resins aid timber conservation since they enable wood waste (chips and sawdust) to be used in 5x more construction panels than solid wood or plywood panels. Amplivox wood suppliers have secured the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Mixed Sources accreditation.

Green Cross has certified our raw particleboard panelsas being 100% recycled and recovered wood fiber. We also encourage the local market: All fibers used in Amplivox panels are locally-sourced from post-industrial and post-consumer wood recycling plants. All panels are manufactured locally.

We are also WEEE and RoHS certified. You can find more information on those certifications by clicking on the links.
LEED credits are important too. We have a few of those as well:
  • Materials and Resources 4.1 & 4.2:Recycled Content: •7.5% in Canada and 10% in the US –1 credit •15% in Canada and 20% in the US –1 credit
  • Materials and Resources 5.1 & 5.2:Regional/Local Materials: % of all project materials are extracted, harvested/recovered and manufactured within a 500-mile radius of site •Minimum of 10% –1 credit •Minimum of 20% -1 credit
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 4.4:Low Emission Materials: Materials or laminate adhesives do not contain any additional urea-formaldehyde resins –1 credit
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 4.5:Low Emission Materials: Low-emitting Office Furniture Systems and Seating –1 credit
Our packing peanuts are also recycled and cuts down on energy and use of resources.

All of our efforts have been well documented by Forbes.com, Yahoofinance.com, and Morningstar. We appreciate the coverage and glad that these media outlets have recognized the importance of companies going green.

Amplivox has worked hard and continues to strive to help the environment through our production process. If you have any questions regarding our efforts in Going Green, check out the press release. If you are interested in purchasing Amplivox products, check out Ampli.com

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