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Friday, March 29, 2019

Why Do So Many Customers Stick with AmpliVox?

Why do so many AmpliVox customers refuse to consider any other supplier for the many products that AmpliVox manufacturers?

Consider this recent unsolicited testimonial from one of our customers.

"Since starting as a real estate auctioneer in 1997, no one has ever been as helpful and caring to my business as AmpliVox.

You get it when others do not.

I have many PA systems but will never do business again with anyone but you.

You set the standards in your industry that all should follow."

AmpliVox does design and build great products, but we also take care of our customers before, during and long after the sale.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

"Great customer service! We were missing a part and they sent what we needed right away!"

"I received the antenna the next day and had it in the time for my Saturday morning auction."

"Best customer service I have ever received!"

"Your rep was extremely accurate and responsive while handling our account - possibly one of the best people I have ever worked with!"

That is why we continue to hear so many unsolicited testimonials from our customers year after year after year for nearly 70 years.

"I must say I am extremely impressed by your customer service. It's unheard of. Excellent work!"

"I've passed your name on to other departments; it's good to share great products and service with others."

"Your people are the BEST"

Extend your voice and project your image with AmpliVox.

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